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Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja takes you to a whole new world of martial arts. This is your chance to become the master of fruit carving. This famous video game offers players the most exciting experience: a fruit paradise right in front of them. What’s even more interesting is that there are many challenges that must be completed in order to earn a lucky ticket to participate in the finals. As you become a gifted master, you will discover new and more exciting ways to do things.

Hot fruit paradise

Fruit Ninja is looking for someone with ultimate fruit slicing skills to compete in the next world competition. This game takes you to a beautiful fruit paradise with all kinds of fruits from all over the world. Taking fruit slicing to the next level requires dexterous hands, advanced knife mastery and timely completion of challenges.

The most exciting thing is that players today will be the best candidates with great skills. The game has many challenges that players have to complete on their own. Find the person with the highest score in each challenge and sign up for the next round. Thanks to your great skill and ingenuity, you are the one with the highest score to advance to the highest round.

Face some problem

You represent a great competition and now your challenge begins. They meet all the other heavyweights and gather here to strive for the ultimate victory. There are many heroes and talents, and their ability to win is balanced. Do your best to get your ticket to power now. With Ticket to Power you mainly enjoy extra time. Moreover, in this game you can use firecrackers to smash all the fruits. Agility is also one of the pluses Fruit Ninja likes for you. You will be able to reach your full potential and, most importantly, continue to lead the Fruit Cutter Master’s village.

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Most Outstanding Victory

Everyone thinks they can get hold of the best ticket for the next final round with confidence. Each lap gets harder, making it easy to overcome obstacles on your way to the finish line. A bomb will appear. Try to dodge and cut into them so as not to lose your reputation.

The times also get harder, because after one round the time for the next round is halved. In addition, the game always has a secret gift box in every round, so you can take on the next challenge and win the perfect gift. The gifts you have can help you open the gates to more hope. Fruit Ninja has always captured the hearts of players with its period drama and skillful player handling. You are the best candidate to become a unique fruit carving master. The game has many challenges and missions waiting for you to complete.



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