Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Another week is over. That means many of us have plans to relax over the weekend. Our phones never rest, so at Nextpit, we’re still working to bring you our list of free apps of the week for iOS and Android.

Published twice weekly, this article keeps you from wandering through the hundreds of millions of apps in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Rather, we scoured both app stores to create a curated highlight list featuring paid apps. However, there are pitfalls. It means that these apps are temporarily available for free. Check out below.

We know that sometimes you come across interesting apps that you want to use but don’t want to pay for. That’s why we comb the Apple App Store and Google Play Store twice a week for paid apps that are now available for free. This is a limited time offer and we do not know when the developers will stop these offers.

Installing bad apps or playing bad games doesn’t benefit anyone. For this reason, we only feature apps rated 3.5 stars or higher. This is different from the Top 5 apps of the week because we are actually reviewing the apps listed on this list.

Tips: If you find an interesting app listed here but don’t need it at the moment, we highly recommend installing it before uninstalling it. The app will then be saved in your library and you can install it later without paying any fees, even after the promotion ends.

Android apps available for free for a limited time

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Unreal Space HD ($0.99): Seeing your phone has a fast charging feature makes using live wallpapers so much fun. A live wallpaper will definitely reduce your battery life significantly, but be aware that celestial animated wallpapers can get you hooked just by looking at them.
  • premium camera ($10.99): The app works on both mobile and wearable devices and allows you to take pictures in very creative ways.
  • sleep be real sound ($14.99): Do you find it difficult to fall asleep at night after a particularly hard day at the office? This app plays soothing sounds to help you travel to dreamland as soon as possible. .
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Android games

  • rogue hearts ($0.99): This isometric RPG requires a careful balance of tactics, timing, and control to roam dungeons and emerge victorious.
  • Cytus II ($1.99): A music rhythm game with super cute Japanese anime art that pushes your reflexes to the limit.
  • Missile bastard RPG ($1.99): It’s basically an arms race game where the one with the most firepower wins. Do you have what it takes to do so?
  • Mr. Racer ($4.99): Everyone loves speed, so why not play it safe in a racing game on your mobile device? Great graphics and easy controls, what are you waiting for?

Free iOS app for a limited time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • epica 2 pro ($0.99): With this app you can create tons of fun and great looking photos.
  • room to spare ($1.99): One of the quickest ways to make money is by flipping properties. However, it can also be very dangerous as it is a risky business. This app will help you calculate the return on investment of your flips.
  • T4U Tesla ($8.99): Are you a Tesla owner? Why not try this third-party app that claims to track and track your Tesla?
  • Safety Note + Pro ($3.99): Protect your privacy with this app. All notes are protected with password and biometric security, as well as the ability to organize your notes into folders.

iOS game

  • small shape ($0.99): A game for young children where they have to match the correct shapes based on colors, shapes and sizes. Much better than making your kids dependent on YouTube Kids, right?
  • rogue hearts ($0.99): Do you like dungeon crawlers? If so, you will definitely love this one! Packed with adventure, fun and lots of loot!
  • adventurous dining ($2.99): Do you find it difficult for your little one to enjoy fruits and vegetables? This game may help them change their diet to a healthier one.
  • King of Defense Premium ($4.99): A tower defense title that boasts well-drawn sprites, you must defend your kingdom from monsters and invaders using well-placed turrets.
  • Cytus II ($1.99): This music rhythm game has great graphics and requires quick reflexes to match the rhythm that plays.
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What do you think of this week’s menu? If you find something interesting you’d like to share with others, let us know in the comments.

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