Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Following last month’s announcement, Fitbit’s redesigned Material You is rolling out for Android and iOS.

The revamp begins with the continuation of the Today tab and the ability to prominently display four key stats at the top. Each slot can be customized, and Fitbit offers several presets. Become more active (steps, active zone minutes, distance, calories burned), reduce stress, sleep better, improve heart health, and more. Scroll to the bottom of this feed to “Customize”. This also allows you to show/hide other metrics.

Statistics are organized by activity (AZM, floor, etc.), health (heart rate, HRV, etc.), nutrition, sleep, stress and mindfulness. You can adjust the display order of these groups using the ability to toggle individual stat cards.

The FAB lets you slide up a panel to “track your sessions” for exercise and sleep, or “log entries” for things like activity, weight, fluids, and more.

Metrics now utilize more consistent graphs, and icons and graphics throughout the app have been updated to a more modern and consistent style.

“Coach” is the next tab on the bottom bar of Material U. There’s a featured carousel of workouts and mindfulness sessions, and Collections lets you instantly see your favorites, strength, cardio, yoga, recipes, and new features.

The filters there allow you to search by duration, equipment, intensity, and format. The main page also has carousels for specific instructors and brands, such as Calm.

Finally, there is a “You” tab with badges and health ratings, and here are links to the community. A message bubble icon next to your profile avatar (Settings) tells you how to access your messages and notifications, and device settings are on the other side of the app bar.

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There are no dynamic colors, instead Fitbit’s turquoise is used as an accent color throughout.

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