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Firefox comes with Wayland enabled by default

Michael Larabel reports via Phoronix: There are guardrails in place where the Firefox browser has Wayland enabled by default (when running on recent GTK versions), but as of today that code has been removed… Firefox will try to move forward with stable releases shipping Wayland by default! Mozilla Bug 1752398 to “ship the Wayland backend for release” closed tonight! After being open for the past two years, the ticket is now considered ready to ship, hopefully suitable for Firefox 121!

This patch removes the “early beta or earlier” check so that Wayland support is enabled by default when running on recent GTK versions (GTK 3.24.30 threshold). Firefox 121 is due out around December 19th and all things being equal it will finally ship with the Wayland backend enabled by default in another big step forward.

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