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Finding Paradise, To the Moon, Earth 3D, etc.

The Friday edition of the best Mac and iOS app deals is now ready and waiting under Apple’s digital storefront.Join this morning’s software offer and we’re also tracking $200 discount You can pre-order Apple’s new Space Black and Silver M3 MacBook Pro, as well as new iMac models, along with all the other models you can find in our dedicated deals hub. When it comes to apps, highlights include titles like Finding Paradise, To the Moon, Polyglotte, Doom & Destiny Advanced, Earth 3D – World Atlas, and Agent A for Mac. Hit the jump to see all of Friday’s best Mac and iOS app deals.

Best iOS apps and games on sale today:

iOS universal: Polyglot: free (Usually $1)

iOS universal: Current weather° – Local weather forecast: free (Regularly $25)

iOS universal: Find paradise: 4 dollars (Regularly $5)

iOS universal: To the moon: 2 dollars (Regularly $5)

iOS universal: Doom & Destiny Advance: 1 dollar (Regularly $5)

iOS universal: quest: 4 dollars (Regularly $8)

iOS universal: Settlement survival: 5 dollars (Regularly $6)

iOS universal: Here Be Dragons: 3 dollars (Regularly $5)

iOS universal: Earth 3D – World Atlas: $0.50 (Usually $3)

iOS universal: Otaku adventure: 2 dollars (Usually $3)

iOS universal: Tozuhanite: 3 dollars (Regularly $5)

Mac: Agent A: Puzzle in Disguise: 3 dollars (Regularly $6)

Today’s best game deals: Horizon Forbidden West $30, Returnal $27.50, and more

More iOS games and apps deals still on sale:

iOS universal: GTA: Chinatown Wars: free (demo)

***Download and play for up to 30 minutes as a free trial

iOS universal: GTA: Liberty City Story: free (demo)

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***Download and play for up to 30 minutes as a free trial

iOS universal: Sheet music scanner: free (Regularly $5)

iOS universal: PXL – Mosaic Art: free (Regularly $4)

iOS universal: My city: After school: free (Regularly $4)

iOS universal: In Bermuda: 1 dollar (Regularly $6)

iOS universal: Incredibox: 3 dollars (Regularly $5)

iOS universal: Omega 13: 3 dollars (Regularly $4)

iOS universal: Herc: 4 dollars (Regularly $7)

iOS universal: Tower of Fortune 4: 2 dollars (Usually $3)

iOS universal: Strip them: 2 dollars (Regularly $4)

Mac: Juicy Realm: free (Regularly $5)

Finding Paradise features:

Finding Paradise is the second full episode in the To the Moon series. The film follows the life of a new patient, Colin, as doctors attempt to unravel a life split down the middle and fulfill wishes that seem inherently self-contradictory.

Dr. Rosaleen and Dr. Watts have odd jobs. They give people a chance to live all their life from the beginning…but only in the patient’s head.

Because of the severity of the surgery, patients remember their new life before they take their last breath. Therefore, this operation is performed only on people who are on their deathbed, in order to fulfill what they wanted to do in life, but were unable to do so.

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