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Final Fantasy IX, Hydro Puzzle, The Quest, etc.

Perfect way to start your week, this morning’s best iOS games and apps deals are ready and above the fold. Be sure to check out the sale on the 45mm Apple Watch Series 9 aluminum model, as well as this Apple AirTags 4-pack and Apple’s iPad 10th Gen 256GB sale. As for apps, today’s collection features titles like FINAL FANTASY Ⅸ, Hydropuzzle, Universe Pandemic 2, The Quest, Mazetools Soniface Pro, and more. Visit below for a closer look at today’s best iOS games and apps deals.

Best iOS apps and games on sale today:

iOS universal: Astral Maze: Escape from Fear: free (Regularly $5)

iOS universal: Hydro puzzle: free (Usually $1)

iOS universal: Universe Pandemic 2: free (usually $2)

iOS universal: Final Fantasy IX: $ 10 (Regularly $21)

iOS universal: quest: 4 dollars (Regularly $8)

iOS universal: Mazetools Soniface Pro: $ 10 (Regularly $15)

iOS universal: Mazetools Mutant: 5 dollars (Regularly $6)

iOS Universal: Legend of the Moon 2: Shooting: $0.50 (usually $2)

iOS Universal: Continuously: Habit Tracker: 5 dollars (Regularly $10)

iOS universal: Sky Safari 7 Plus: $13 (Regularly $15)

iOS universal: Sky Safari 7 Pro: $30 (Regularly $40)

Today’s best game deals: Amazon buy 2 get 1 free sale – Starfield, MGS, Sonic, AC Mirage, Lords of the Fallen, and more

The iOS games and apps sale continues:

iOS Universal: GTA: Chinatown Wars: free (demo)

***Download and play for up to 30 minutes as a free trial

iOS universal: GTA: Liberty City Story: free (demo)

***Download and play for up to 30 minutes as a free trial

iOS universal: Polyglot: free (Usually $1)

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iOS Universal: Current weather° – Local weather forecast: free (Regularly $25)

iOS Universal: Find paradise: 4 dollars (Regularly $5)

iOS Universal: To the moon: 2 dollars (Regularly $5)

iOS universal: Doom & Destiny Advance: 1 dollar (Regularly $5)

iOS universal: quest: 4 dollars (Regularly $8)

iOS universal: Settlement survival: 5 dollars (Regularly $6)

iOS Universal: Here Be Dragons: 3 dollars (Regularly $5)

iOS Universal: Earth 3D – World Atlas: $0.50 (Usually $3)

iOS Universal: Otaku adventure: 2 dollars (Usually $3)

iOS universal: Tozuhanite: 3 dollars (Regularly $5)

Mac: Agent A: Puzzle in Disguise: 3 dollars (Regularly $6)

Final Fantasy IX features:

Zidane and the Tantalus Troupe kidnap Alexandria’s heir, Princess Garnet.

But surprisingly, the princess herself was also anxious to escape from the castle.

Through a series of unusual circumstances, she and her personal bodyguard Steiner hit it off with Zidane, and they set off on an incredible journey.

Along the way, they meet unforgettable characters like Vivi and Quina, and they learn about themselves, the secrets of the crystals, and a malevolent force that threatens to destroy the world.

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