Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Set for Release on iOS and Android

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis, the mobile adaptation of the original Final Fantasy 7, is scheduled to launch on iOS and Android on 7th September. This game was announced a few years ago and recently had its beta test announced at this year’s Summer Games Fest.

The game is described as “another possibility for a remake” and is part of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy. Ever Crisis follows the events of the original game but also introduces new stories presented in a mix of cute retro style and flashy combat with modern visuals.

The stories in Ever Crisis are based on both Final Fantasy 7 and Crisis Core and are delivered to players as episodic instalments. One of the highlights of the game is the “never-before-told story of a young hero, Sephiroth.” Additionally, there is a co-op mode where three players from around the world can join forces to defeat online bosses.

While the details of how the game will play out and its potential impact on the forthcoming Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth are still unknown, players can pre-register for the game now ahead of its full release.

Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise can look forward to experiencing the familiar world of Final Fantasy 7 in a new and exciting way with the upcoming release of Ever Crisis on mobile devices.

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