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Features to expect in iOS 18: Generative AI integration, new and improved Messages app, App Store, and more

Apple hasn’t officially revealed any improvements in iOS 18, but there are various leaks and rumors about what to expect. Below are some of the most anticipated features of the upcoming iOS 18 software update.

Siri powered by AI

Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, could see major changes in iOS 18. The new Siri is thought to be able to better understand and respond to complex questions and requests because it utilizes large-scale language models (LLM).

Siri will also be able to generate many creative text formats, including poems, code, screenplays, musical compositions, emails, letters, and more. It helps you understand the context of conversations and respond in a more personalized way.

interactive message app

iOS 18 may bring new features to the Messages app. These features may include the ability to edit sent messages, see your message history with specific contacts, control your smart home devices through the Messages app, and more.

Improved App Store

iOS 18 may bring some upgrades to the App Store. This may include a new UI, a more personalized app discovery experience, and increased app security measures.

Healthcare app enhancements

iOS 18 may bring additional features to the Health app. As part of these features, more health metrics may be tracked, such as blood sugar levels and sleep quality. It is also predicted that healthcare apps will be able to provide more personalized health insights.

Augmented reality

With iOS 18, Apple is likely to continue investing in augmented reality (AR). The company may offer new ARKit tools for developers, as well as new AR apps and features.

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These are just some of the highlights of the upcoming iOS 18 software update. To find out exactly what features will be included in the next operating system, we will have to wait for Apple’s official announcement.

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