Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
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Adventures and travel all require focus on personal positioning to track the direction of movement. Fake GPS then offers this functionality. This application helps you find exactly where you want to go and set the location on the map. What is more interesting is that the application also adds a lot of useful features, helping you to meet your own needs. Regional and world maps also offer the convenience of accurate positioning.


The application allows you to set your own location and perform positioning on a clear map of the area. The application always provides special signal patterns that the user can select and change. Selecting this template will guide you through the process to your satisfaction. staff. Such positioning helps users to monitor autonomously and to make concrete plans.

Route calculator

This application also helps you calculate the direct distance traveled during a mission. When you enter your destination on the map, this calculator makes an instant estimate so you can plan your trip accurately.

Easy connector connection

The connection to the connector is also fast, compact and time-saving. Users can connect to other devices and even connect to vehicle systems while driving. Users can also connect to other vehicles by entering codes that make it easier to follow the itinerary.


The application offers new interface templates suitable for both time and skill. These interface templates are constantly creating new points, allowing you to see the impression of the app.


  • Connect quickly and accurately to the device or vehicle you want to position.
  • Provides an environment map, based on which you can know how far your position is from the target.
  • Select useful location security features that allow you to effectively share your location with loved ones.
  • Give your own charming tips. You can choose one as the centerpiece.
  • Discover new skins and choose the one that suits your quest.
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Fake GPS Pro

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