Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

With the release of iOS 17, developers have been working tirelessly to update their apps with new features and designs. In this article, we highlight some of the major updates made to popular apps for both the Apple Watch and iPhone.

Flighty, a popular flight tracking app, has expanded its services to the Apple Watch for the first time. With this update, users can now view crucial flight data directly on their wrist. The app provides intelligent updates for every part of the flight, including departure times, delays, gate numbers and seat assignments. Flighty has also integrated the new visual design of watchOS 10, making it easily accessible via the watch face or Digital Crown.

Carrot Weather, another well-known app, has integrated iOS 17’s new Personal Voice feature. This accessibility feature allows users to create a digital version of their voice that can speak weather updates aloud. Although this feature is primarily designed for individuals who may lose their ability to speak, anyone can use this feature. Additionally, Carrot Weather has redesigned the Apple Watch app to match Apple’s new aesthetic, making weather information easier to access.

Slopes, a ski and snowboard app, has received a significant overhaul for the Apple Watch app. The focus of this update was on clarity, which is a key aspect of watchOS 10. Users can now scroll through various data options using the Digital Crown, including tracking workouts, elevation gain, and distance traveled. Slopes also allows users to start a recording on their iPhone and have it sync seamlessly with their Apple Watch.

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Other notable app updates include World Clock Widgets, which now include StandBy support and new Lock Screen widgets for iPad users. Halide, a camera app, has made improvements to HDR display, recording times and introduced a Zero Shutter Lag feature.

These are just a few examples of the exciting app updates that have come with the arrival of iOS 17. If you’ve come across any other notable updates, please share them in the comments below.

– Flighty (free, premium subscription)
– Carrot Weather (free, premium subscription)
– Slopes (free, premium subscription)
– World Clock Widgets (Free, $3.99 Pro Unlock)
– Halide (free, premium subscription)

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