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Apple Music in iOS 17 includes some long-requested features like collaborative playlists and the option to enable crossfades for a non-stop music experience. This guide covers all the new features Apple has added to the Apple Music app in iOS 17.

cross fade

Crossfades let you smoothly transition from one song to another, eliminating dead air time between songs.

Apple Music crossfade length

collaborative playlist

With collaborative playlists, friends and family can add, reorder, or remove songs from a single Apple Music playlist. Playlists can be set up by multiple people, and each person can post songs and react to songs in the playlist with emojis.

Apple Music collaboration playlist
Collaborative playlists have not yet been implemented and will be coming with an iOS 17 update later this year.

Apple Music SharePlay for CarPlay

iOS 17 brings the Apple Music SharePlay experience to CarPlay, allowing anyone in the car to play their favorite songs and post music. Car owners with iPhones connected to their cars must subscribe to Apple Music to take advantage of this feature, but passengers do not.

share play car play
The Apple Music interface provides a QR code that each person can scan to access playlists and add songs to the in-car Apple Music queue.

interface update

Albums that support this option now have full-screen animated artwork available, and the album art is also designed to blend seamlessly into the music player where the controls reside.

Apple MusiciOS17
Minimizing the music player shows a hovering effect that adds depth.

asynchronous lyrics

Lyrics for songs that are out of sync with the music that’s playing now appear in a larger, easier-to-read font. This ensures that the lyrics size matches the lyrics synced to the song in Apple Music.

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song credits

Tap the three-dot icon next to the song that’s playing or in a playlist to see the song’s credits. The credits will show the performing artists, songwriting artists, and people involved in production and engineering.

Song credit to Apple Music

Sing Apple Music on Apple TV

With an iPhone running iOS 17 and an Apple TV 4K running tvOS 17, your iPhone can act as a camera for your Apple TV and show you what you’re playing on the screen. You can do this on your iPad as well, and it’s the same function as enabling FaceTime on your Apple TV.

Apple Music Sing Continuity Camera
Apple Music Sing is integrated with Apple Music. Use the built-in follow-along lyrics and lower your vocals so you can sing along to your favorite songs.

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