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Eight-Minute Empire, Istanbul Digital, etc.

Today’s collection of the best iOS game and app deals are ready to go above the fold, courtesy of Apple’s digital storefront. This morning’s app sales include exciting new price cuts on Apple’s latest M3/Pro machines, including the new MacBook and 24-inch iMac, but for now it’s all about software. Highlights include titles such as Eight-Minute Empire, Istanbul: Digital Edition, 7Days: Backer, and Magnet. Hit the jump to take a closer look at today’s best iOS game and app deals.

Best iOS apps and games on sale today:

iOS universal: Trippy Escape Game: Mindeater!: free (Regularly $4)

iOS universal: GeoShred play: free (Regularly $10)

iOS universal: 8 Minute Empire: 3 dollars (Regularly $5)

iOS universal: Istanbul: Digital edition: 4 dollars (Regularly $7)

iOS universal: Scythe: Digital version: 4 dollars (Regularly $9)

iOS universal: 7Days : Backers: 2 dollars (Regularly $5)

iOS universal: RPG Dragon Lapis: 2 dollars (Regularly $6)

iOS universal: Mononoke: 5 dollars (Regularly $9)

iOS universal: Category therapy: $15 (usually $20)

iOS universal: KORG iMono/Poly: $14 (Regularly $30)

Mac: magnet: 5 dollars (Regularly $10)

Today’s best game deals: Just Dance 2024 + Myth pack for $32 off, Super Bomberman R 2 for $30, and more

More iOS games and apps deals still on sale:

iOS universal: GTA: Chinatown Wars: free (demo)

***Download and play for up to 30 minutes as a free trial

iOS universal: GTA: Liberty City Story: free (demo)

***Download and play for up to 30 minutes as a free trial

iOS universal: Demo: free (usually $2)

iOS universal: Golf peak: 2 dollars (Usually $3)

iOS universal: Darkest Dungeon:Tablet version: 1 dollar (Regularly $5)

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iOS universal: Korg iMS-20: $15 (Regularly $30)

iOS universal: ARP Odyssey: $15 (Regularly $30)

iOS universal: Korg Gadget 2: $20 (Regularly $40)

iOS universal: Korg Electric Wave: $15 (Regularly $30)

iOS universal: Korg iwave station: $15 (Regularly $30)

iOS universal: Korg iM1: $15 (Regularly $30)

iOS universal: Korg Module Pro: $20 (Regularly $40)

Mac: Capto: Screen Capture & Recorder: free (Regularly $27)

8 Minute Empire features:

In Eight-Minute Empire, two to five players take turns choosing a card from a list of six cards. This card gives the player a resource and also has an action that the player takes immediately. Actions help the player take over the map, but resources are worth points at the end of the game, so the player must balance his two sides. Players spread out across the map and take control of the majority of regions and continents to collect points at the end of the game.

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