Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
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Easy notes

Easy Notes – Notepad, Notebook, Free Notes app brings users to the most beautiful and useful world of notes. You seem to have fallen in love with the beautiful notes list in the color system. Its utility posting interface promises to help you work, study, and entertain. Like countless other note-taking apps, you can take notes with images, voice, and text. Also useful is the ability to pin important notes.

The ability to take notes using images and sound

When it comes to note taking apps, we usually associate and think about what we do with text. But as Easy Notes made big strides, users were forced to switch. In addition to using text, you can use images in your gallery as usual or capture them directly from your phone’s camera so users can quickly visualize and identify your work. You can also set a personal note with sound.

Change wallpaper with your own color

With Easy Notes, you can make a difference on every page of your notes. Each entry has its own color. In particular, users can use the list making application with a default wallpaper or a custom image wallpaper. In addition, the text is displayed in different colors so that you don’t get confused when you look at a particular list.

Important Notes Features

Introduced a breakthrough feature that makes Easy Notes famous in the market. You can now use the pin feature to have important and urgent notes that should come first. So this note will automatically appear at the top as soon as you enable the use of the Haunting Reminders app. You no longer have to search through all your notes on one or more pages to find the most important note.

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Send user reminders

Tasks during the day, shopping lists, etc. are things most users of your application have. They remind you to do and complete this before closing time. So instead of users having to check and open the application regularly, we now provide notification and reminder functionality. Enabling this feature will periodically notify you of all selected notes.

Organize Reasonably

To manage your notes more easily, you can arrange them in the most meaningful and understandable way. Now the application allows you to sort by various criteria like time, newest note first, etc. until you create your first note. In addition, you can sort by color according to your personal preference. However, red is important and black is less important. The save feature is very useful in case of forgetfulness, carelessness, sudden battery drain, etc. It is considered as the best feature that many users rely on and use. In addition, if you want to share your catalog with your friends, choose the sharing feature with notes in different formats.


Easy Notes v1.1.78.0904 MOD APK / Mirror

Easy Notes v1.1.70.0715 MOD APK / Mirror

Easy Notes v1.1.55.0203 MOD APK / Mirror

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