Dual Space Pro – App Cloner MOD (Premium) v4.2.6

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Dual Space Pro allows multiple accounts on one device by cloning from the original app. The user goes to the section dedicated to app cloning and creates the desired app. Data segregation allows you to continue using your account without limiting the number of accounts you can use. This application also provides a way to protect your private information.

Good compatibility with Android 12

The new version of Dual Space Pro improves the stability of the application on the operating system, especially the Android 12 operating system. This is the current, progressively modern operating system. Application developers are also gradually creating products compatible with this operating system.

Use multiple accounts on one device

For each application, you may want to use multiple accounts at the same time and one of the suitable solutions is Dual Space Pro. An app that clones all the apps you use so you can easily use your account on the same device. Naturally, their data has no influence on each other and they work in isolation.

Easy cloning

Once you’ve mastered the features of Dual Space Pro, it’s time to start cloning. The application must have access to all files. You can go to another area where various app icons are placed and tap an app and press a button to clone it. At the same time, these versions are clearly located in separate areas.

Work/personal life balance

One of the benefits that Dual Space Pro users will experience is the ability to use multiple accounts at the same time. Therefore, in most cases, users can easily distinguish between personal and business accounts using the app’s functionality. This is no exception and now everyone can experience this more easily and quickly.

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Easily switch accounts

Users prefer to use the clone app alongside the app as it helps users switch between accounts quickly. This happens quickly because the cloned application is divided into a separate area for users to search, and a shortcut to the original version can be created near that area. Within seconds you can securely access the desired account.

Unlimited new account creation

With the cloning app, you don’t have to use the same account or log in again and again on different devices. At the same time, users can create an unlimited number of clone versions if necessary. So with just a few small actions, the number of versions will continue to grow over time, and in most cases the application supports the creation of duplicate applications. You can confirm that the functions of the app can be applied normally.

Secure your private space

As mentioned above, users can find a special area for cloned applications. Of course, it’s usually easy to find and in a fairly prominent location. If you don’t want strangers to touch you, you have to use the app’s feature to hide it. It appears every time you use the application. The application will certainly bring you a lot of comfort, because you can be confident that your private world will not be disturbed.


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Dual Space Pro – Multiple Accounts and App Cloner v4.2.6 APK / Mirror

Dual Space Pro – Multiple Accounts and App Cloner v4.2.2 APK / Mirror

Dual Space Pro – Multiple Accounts and App Cloner v2.2.2 APK / Mirror

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