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DMA: Apple confirms they are preparing for iOS boutiques

If an encore has disappeared in the iOS betas, Apple is preparing for a system with alternative boutiques and apps. Cupertino an expliqué « s’attendre à aporter des changements » at the App Store level in a fiscal document the risks to the company are stated, which are published on the annual basis of their annual results. The change is based on the arrival of DMA, the legislation on the numerical European marches that force the main component of Cupertino. Celui-ci entrera en vigueur au mois de mars 2024.

In this document, Apple explains that future changes will not adapt the façon to developments on the platform. Ils pourraient également modifier « the manière is not the distribution of applications in the App Store ». It is worth seeing new European regulations written in black and white:

The society [Apple] Prior to the procedure for trade changes on the road, the note of the raison d’être of initiatives can have an impact on the App Store, tells that the laws on the numériques de l’Union européenne (“UE”) are, until the society will be in be compliant by March 2024.

Cupertino is a real change in the way the company does not enable the communication developments with the consumers of the App Store in the App Store, because it concerns the alternative mechanisms of this system. Apple starts by starting the level, authorizing, for example, the presence of third-party licenses for Netflix in the App Store.

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The changes taking place in the classroom « risks for the company », and I understand that the law has changed drastically due to the Apple ecosystem. Most actors using Microsoft or Meta are faced with changes, which allow them to use the famous load of the App Store. For recall, DMA means an iOS user can select an app or a boutique level from the App Store location.

Selon Mark Gurman, le Side loading there are limits to the release of iOS and iPadOS in the European Union. Cupertino aurait dans ses dozen a very logical, that it débloquer à distance and function pays imposing an overture. For fewer security concerns, Apple is planning an app verification system to avoid the issues.

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