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In the coming weeks, Apple will prepare the new version for mobile operating systems to download. With the next largest releases new function auf die iPhones come – under other new Apple App.

A beta version of iOS 17.2 can be excluded. You can use an Ausblick to die Neuerungen. It’s a good idea that Apple is going to the official launch, but nothing else has been done yet.

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1. That new Journal app

It may be that the home’s own is used Tagebuch app Starting in June at WWDC, start rolling out iOS 17 in iPhone countries. With iOS 17.2 it is no longer possible.

The Journal App is quirky Just Idea – do not know how to choose yourself photos with descriptions, photo highlights are automatically displayed Sammelalben (etwa Golden Hour 2022) vorgeschlagen.

Oh well, letzten Active of the Fitness App, personally Notification or suitable Orte Mittels Cards können dort genauso Niederschlag, wie Sprachaufzeichnungen.


The new Journal app under iOS 17.2 (beta)

Who is a Tagebuch user, can now click on the iPhone and on the iPhone not others mit were. The best part is the way you use the Zugriff in the Journal-App gloves Passwords zu schützen.

Fazit: The idea is OK, the Umsetzung becomes ausbaufähig. Wünschenswert was one of the best results with the pre-sanded finishing. More information about the App gut. The damage is that the Journal App will never be available again Macs and iPads was born.

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2. New Wetter Widgets

Die Wetter App from Apple there are 3 new Widgets available on the Home screen. Particularly practical, that’s it platz-saving widgets dabei sind, den noch reichlich Informationen bündeln.

A Wetter-Symbol basic legend can be displayed with the Lockscreen Widgets. That little one Wind icon hat once Compass look Erhalten, it is now a German work.


New Wetter Widgets under iOS 17.2 (beta)

3. Changes to Apple Music

The song appears under Apple Music with iOS 17.1 and ends with a “Sternchen” icon, with most songs available for viewing favorites. The playlist can be played with iOS 17.2. Below “Favorite songs“Since all the art-specific tracks can be found.

If the new iOS version is most likely, Playlists common sense with others Apple-Music-Nutzer*innen to set and wear. Möglich dies about a new icon in the sculpture area.

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New features for Apple Music under iOS 17.2 (beta)

4. New reply feature in iMessage

Go to iOS 17 with photos made easy Sticker Erstellen, the messages are sent via iMessage. If iOS 17.2 is available, this sticker is also possible Response to a Nachricht so used.

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This new sticker reply feature is available under iOS 17.2 (beta)

5. New color for contact poster

Depending on the Gestaltung von Kontaktposter play, a new one comes with iOS 17.2 Farbauswahl zur Verfügung stated. The name can now be entered Rainbow farben were threatened.

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The new variant for the contact poster under iOS 17.2 (beta)

6. Connect the action button

The new Pro iPhones can physically use the mute switch and the action button. The Funktion, diese Taste ausführt, read on yourself previous actions whählen.

If the iOS version is available, you can start the Translator app via the action button and Go directly to Dynamic-Island durchzuführen. This feature may now appear on Apple’s English website. Bleibt abzuwarten, in welcher Form dieses Feature versügbar gemacht wird.


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