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In fact, Merriam-Webster is the best dictionary application for you. With this app you can look up many difficult English words from foreign experts. This app improves your vocabulary with updated mini-games that you can participate in. There you can regularly check your English vocabulary. The unique set of features of this application has been recognized by many users such as: B. It gives you the exact meaning and exact pronunciation of the word you are looking for…

New updated crossword game helps improve vocabulary

Merriam-Webster is the most authoritative English dictionary application with many unique features. One of the new features has been updated to the satisfaction of many users: the addition of mini-games. Users can now learn vocabulary and participate in quizzes with exciting questions. It is no exaggeration to say that your vocabulary is greatly developed through fun crossword puzzles.

Word search via record function; there is no need to type every word

In addition to Merriam-Webster’s just-added crossword puzzle feature, users love including vocabulary searches. You don’t have to spend time spelling or typing each word like you normally would, so you can just read it and the app will ideally listen to you. It also helps users save time in looking up vocabulary and improve their pronunciation of words.

Vocabulary is updated daily with many interesting topics to choose from

With this application, users can expect their vocabulary to improve day by day. You must use the application diligently and study it regularly. If our application regularly updates the vocabulary on a daily basis, it will fall into the subject categories of your choice. Each word mentioned reveals sufficient meaning and pronunciation for efficient learning.

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Every time you search the vocabulary, more synonyms appear

It’s great that Merriam-Webster always delivers the best experience. Few dictionary applications. One feature that many users will opt for is that synonyms and antonyms are constantly updated as they search for a word. This means users have more accurate knowledge and load new vocabulary every time they search for a word. This also saves a lot of time and yet the many interesting insights that this application offers.

Add example sentences to help users understand the use of difficult words

Moreover, it offers a wide choice of synonyms and antonyms. Then you can rest assured that this is the application that can give you the correct and fastest word meanings. Not only that, the application provides simple sentence examples so that users can learn to use this vocabulary in sentences as well. Not only can you learn new words, but you can also practice creating sentences. This also allows you to easily communicate with foreigners if necessary.

Save your favorite words and example sentences so you can find them easily

After telling you the exact meaning of the word you are looking for, the application also offers a session feature called Specific Sounds. Merriam-Webster also makes it easy to save your favorite words and example sentences. From there you can also search and reread without spending time searching for words.



Dictionary – Merriam-Webster v5.5.0 Premium / Mirror

Dictionary – Merriam-Webster v5.4.1 Premium / Mirror

Dictionary – Merriam-Webster v5.4.0 Premium / Mirror

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