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In 2040, World War III occurred, land borders changed, and modern warfare entered a new era after the Secretary of Defense signed a contract with CS Corporation to implement the Dead Target project: transforming prisoners into super-evil combat killers. However, CS has committed treason and threatens to cause a zombie outbreak if the President does not follow their orders. The age of destruction begins.

The country’s demise comes closer when CS infects an entire city to prove that they mean business. A special commando team was hired to go to the front lines and gather information before the army could launch a counterattack: Operation Apocalypse. Too bad everything went wrong, you and agent M are the only survivors on the route. There is no excuse for a stupid mistake that can pay for it in your blood. There is no way to run out of hell, break part way through the dead zone, rescue agent M and clear the way to the reinforcement location, otherwise you will join your dead brothers in arms. Be careful of the space around it, the walking dead are waiting for a hero. Human destiny may face a great exodus to find safe land in your hand now.

Dead Target: Zombie is an FPS game where you:

  • Witness the stunning 3D graphics with detailed textures
  • Enjoy the realistic sound effect and music
  • Bring death to the zombies chasing you.
  • Be a killer and kill zombies in style with an epic weapon system
  • Upgrade your equipment to face the oncoming waves of zombies
  • Experience 3D shooting time as a zombie hunter
  • Complete all achievements and missions to compete with your friends
  • Push your guts to the highest level to deal with different zombie types
  • Interact with the environment to defend your position and stay alive
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  • Dead Target: Zombie is free to play where a huge wave of zombies comes towards you like a tsunami.
  • Enjoy the feeling of defeating a large onslaught of zombies pushing towards you.
  • Choose your way to destroy all zombies: aim for the heads, chop the limbs and crush them like a little worm
  • with garnet nova.
  • New content is updated regularly
  • 3D graphics with realistic lighting to present the zombie infection
  • Ragdoll implemented to give you the best epic feeling ever
  • Guns have different sound effects to represent their real versions
  • Different ambient sounds to create the best immersive gameplay
  • The zombies have many forms and abilities
  • The big boss looks like a crazy terminator hunting you.
  • Some zombies can be extremely dangerous with a sick virus that can attack over a long range.
  • Sometimes shooting to the head is not the best way, think like a sniper before you decide to attack
  • Multiple weapon types (rifle, shotgun, machine, grenade launcher)
  • Keep ranking up to unlock the deadliest weapons and be a real killer
  • Explore modern battles through various strong weapons.
  • Can easily get different weapons without farming.
  • By choosing the right boost you will become the terminator on the battlefield like a real shooter.
  • Complete missions to rank up and unlock more cool items
  • Shoot as many zombies as possible until the last stand. The process is recorded in a diary.
  • Weird feats are always the best paid
  • Compare your progress with your friends, overcome them to get an edge
  • Connect to Facebook to share what you’ve done
  • Reach the top in your friends list and other world players
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  • Prevent zombies from escaping and run to the vault
  • Defend a front line that has been breached
  • Investigate a prison called hell on earth, where no plant can live. Pay attention to nearby objects
  • you, they could be the key to survival. A single accurate shot can cause an explosion that can save you at the right time.
  • Don’t run away, you can exaggerate the invasion of zombies by your troops and SWAT supporters

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