Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

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Towson’s, the nation’s largest crime news aggregator providing accurate, timely, geocoded crime information, is launching two new mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms.

Using data and details about recent crimes from police forces and verified news reports, the free apps are designed to keep users informed about local crime incidents based on their zip code, as well as the latest national crime news. Powered by SpotCrime, the largest and most comprehensive source of crime data, the apps connect users with the media or police department that originally reported the crime to obtain additional information about the crime, victims, suspects, etc. through a “View Details ” clutch.

“In an age where safety and awareness are paramount,’s apps stand out by providing near-real-time updates on serious and violent crimes,” said Colin Drane, founder and president of SpotCrime, which created “This ensures that residents are not only aware of what is happening on a national scale, but also have a clear picture of criminal activity in their immediate area to keep themselves safe.”

Key features of the new apps include:

  • Localized Crime News – By simply entering their zip code, users can receive updates on crimes happening in their neighborhood, city or region;
  • National Breaking Crime News – Major crime incidents from across the country are also regularly highlighted and updated;
  • Direct Links to News Sources – Each news story is linked directly to the original source, allowing users to obtain more detailed, accurate and reliable information;
  • Detailed Crime Rating – Each crime story provides a specific location and rating, helping users understand the nature and severity of the incident.
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“Because we continue to believe that an informed community is a safer community,’s primary mission is to provide knowledge and transparency about crime incidents,” Drane explains. “With these new apps, we’re making it easier than ever for people to stay informed about what’s happening in their neighborhood and across the country.”

Drane has long been an advocate of open access to crime data. He founded SpotCrime in September 2007 as a public crime mapping and crime warning service. Through its proprietary model, SpotCrime collects crime incident data from multiple sources and places it on a Google Map to produce a comprehensive view of local crime information.

Since its launch, SpotCrime has become the most visited crime mapping website in the world, making it easier for communities to access and share crime data, thereby becoming more proactive in the fight against crime. SpotCrime currently sends its 2 million subscribers more than 300 million crime alerts annually, while more than 60 million people interact with the crime information the company generates every month.

Like SpotCrime, Crimelocal is an independent and self-sufficient entity. “Crimelocal and SpotCrime do not take external funding or charge the public for the information we provide,” Drane notes. “Our sole intention is to make all relevant crime information available to the public, taking full advantage of the internet to enable the sharing of this data.”

The new apps are now available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For more information or to download the apps, visit or search for “Crimelocal” in your device’s app store. For more information about SpotCrime, visit

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