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A groundbreaking effort has emerged in the digital environment to ensure the safety and well-being of young people navigating the often complex internet world. Developed by the Vodafone Ireland Foundation in partnership with the Anti-Bullying Center at Dublin City University (DCU) and Childline at ISPCC, the Tozi app offers both content and support around the clock, providing young people with a safe online sanctuary. We aim to provide

In response to staggering statistics that 45% of adolescents have witnessed abuse online and 1 in 10 adolescents are victims of cyberbullying, the Tozi app steps forward as a powerful solution. Acting as a haven for young people, the app boasts a range of tools, resources and direct access to Childline, positioning itself as a staunch supporter of negative online dangers.

Centered around the Childline collaboration between the Vodafone Ireland Foundation, the DCU Anti-Bullying Center and the ISPCC, Tozi strives to revolutionize the digital landscape for young users. With today’s teenagers spending approximately 3.4 hours each day online, this app has emerged as a beacon of hope, providing evidence-based knowledge and resources to empower them as they navigate the online realm. Offers. This includes the groundbreaking Childline Live Help feature that provides instant assistance when you encounter bullying or distressing content online.

Tozi’s multi-faceted approach emphasizes education, empowerment and support, encapsulated through its engaging capabilities.


A repository of stories, advice, and tips for tackling prevalent challenges online, including cyberbullying scenarios, account breaches, trolls, grief, and self-esteem conflicts.

Live help:

ISPCC provides a direct connection to Childline, enabling real-time conversation and assistance.

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my space:

A private diary space with gamified diary elements and emotion tracking.


A recent study by the DCU’s Center for Bullying Prevention highlights the prevalence of online abuse, with 45% of teens reporting being exposed to such behavior. UNESCO’s Behind the Numbers report went even further, revealing that up to 10% of children are adversely affected by cyberbullying. Tozi addresses these challenges by reaching young people in the spaces they frequent most (online) and giving them the tools to shape a more positive digital environment for themselves and their peers. I am working on it from the front.

Professor James O’Higgins Norman, Director of the DCU Bullying Prevention Center and President of the UNESCO Commission on Bullying and Cyberbullying, said, “Tozi is a unique resource co-designed with young people to foster an online environment that supports their well-being. We are excited to see the positive impact of using Tozi and to explore new interventions for online safety.”

ISPCC CEO John Church said: “The Tozi app is a very welcome development that will greatly enhance the digital experience of children and young people. Childline by ISPCC recognizes that online safety is a key policy issue, and that online safety is the heart of children. We know first-hand the impact it has on human health and well-being.Through Tozi, a link to the Childline 24/7 hearing service staffed by dedicated volunteers gives children and young people essential support. We are very grateful to be working with the Vodafone Foundation and the Bullying Prevention Center at DCU on this important resource.”

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“We are delighted to partner with the DCU Anti-Bullying Center and ISPCC Childline to bring Tozi to you,” said Liz Roche, Director of the Vodafone Ireland Foundation. Growing up can create many social obstacles that can be difficult to overcome, especially as teenagers and young adults spend more time online. Tozi is designed to help young people explore their emotions while providing trusted information and advice to navigate the online world. ”

Developed as part of the Vodafone Foundation Apps Against Abuse program to protect individuals from abuse through technology, Tozi is at the forefront of this mission. To date, the program has connected more than 2.4 million of her people affected by domestic violence, abuse and hate crimes to the guidance, support and education they need.

The Tozi app is instantly downloadable, giving young people unfettered access to its benefits 24/7. Compatible with both iOS and Android platforms in Ireland.

For iOS users, the app can be downloaded from the iOS link.

For Android users, the app can be downloaded from Android Link.

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