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Copilot brings CommandBar to mobile

GitHub announced that the company founded on the Git version control system has been “refounded” with the Copilot AI developer assistant, while CommandBar, maker of an AI-powered user assistance platform, has announced that its flagship product Powered by AI, Copilot is now compatible with iOS and Android mobile apps, as well as the rest of its platform.

James Evans, CEO and co-founder of San Francisco-based CommandBar, said the new mobile capabilities will allow companies using CommandBar to build AI-powered user-assisted experiences into their mobile apps. said that it can be done.

CommandBar customers including HashiCorp, Gusto, Freshworks, Yotpo, and LaunchDarkly have powered hundreds of thousands of end-user chats using CommandBar’s platform via the company’s desktop and web app Copilot. Evans said the CommandBar Copilot platform is used by more than 15 million end users.

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“Our platform, especially Copilot, prioritizes the end user, making it easy to navigate the platform and reducing the amount of time users spend clicking to find a way to do something. In some cases, friction can lead to users abandoning the app altogether,” Evans said. said in a statement. “After seeing how much of an impact we were able to make on the desktop, it was natural for us to create a tool that customers with mobile apps and mobile-first businesses can access. CommandBar’s platform is We reach millions of end users, and with our expansion into mobile, that number will only grow.”

Mobile applications represent a huge opportunity in the area of ​​digital adoption and user assistance. Most businesses have a mobile presence, but the screens are small, there’s no keypad or mouse, users are often on the go, and they often spend less time understanding the interface. Support is essential, the company said.

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CommandBar’s platform, including the new Web and Mobile CoPilot products, provides customers with three key elements: assistance, guidance, and infrastructure.

In terms of assistance, the platform offers a natural language interface where users can describe their goals and receive personalized answers and walkthroughs. Copilot allows users to chat with a personalized user assistant that learns their preferences over time.

When it comes to guidance, the platform offers embedded walkthroughs that can be triggered proactively based on user behavior. For example, if a user seems confused, proactively suggest a tutorial video.

And when it comes to infrastructure, new mobile products can help companies align how they support users across desktop and mobile, ensuring users get one consistent experience instead of multiple disparate experiences. The company says that you can do it and feel like a new user again and again.

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In a blog post announcing CommandBar for Mobile, Evans said he wanted the company to focus on its mission of developing software that makes all web and desktop apps easier to use, so creating mobile apps He said he resisted.

However, he wrote, “I actually regret not launching a mobile product sooner.” “Mobile He looked into this issue closely with customers who use the app, and it became clear that the problems they were solving on desktop were even worse on mobile.

  • limited screen space
  • Users are in a hurry with a specific task in mind
  • The current state of mobile user assistance is bad – in-app browser horror, loud interruption pop-ups, and constant “Please rate” questions.

Features like HelpHub allow users to easily find training content, tutorials, and more without using an in-app browser. According to Evans, the app also includes nudges to notify you of new features that ship, engage users, and get reviews without any hassle or hassle. It is said that

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Additionally, Evans said there are several uses to get started, including an onboarding checklist for new users, encouraging App Store/Google Play reviews, and showing users a changelog every time they update to a new version of their app. I cited a case.

The company has built SDKs for iOS, Android, and React Native to make it easy to add CommandBar to any mobile app.

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