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Concept by Parker Ortolani

Looking at an aspect of iOS that has remained largely unchanged for years, Parker Ortolani shared an interesting Control Center concept. What if it adopted a list-style UI like the new Messages app in iOS 17 with a playful, fluid, and customizable focus, and even third-party app integration? This is what Parker came up with.

Earlier this spring, Apple was rumored to be redesigning Control Center with iOS 17. However, that didn’t materialize – at least as of the fourth beta.

But inspired by the overhaul of the new Messages app dialer in iOS 17, Parker shared his latest draft on Xthis is how he describes it:

A new version of control center on iPhone with brand new interface inspired by modern iMessage app picker in iOS 17. It would be more playful and react to your actions with smooth animations. Pin your favorite controls to the top. Rearrange the list. Zoom into newly organized control categories. Add actions from your favorite third-party apps. And more.

The overall user interface is a minimal list view with drop-down menus to access further settings.

Control Center concept 1
Concept by Parker Ortolani

To provide quick access, Parker envisions the ability to pin controls to the top of the UI, along with the option to reorder everything. And as another major change, the concept envisions Apple opening up Control Center to third-party apps.

Control Center concept 2
Concept by Parker Ortolani

For a fluid, playful, and responsive experience, this Control Center lets you “Tap, Hold, and Swipe” to adjust settings like volume and brightness, while the Flashlight button lights up when you turn it on.

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Control Center concept 3
Concept by Parker Ortolani

9to5Mac’s Take

While this is quite a departure from the control center we’re used to, I like the idea here. Part of that may be because over the past few months I’ve had a chance to use and get used to the same list-like UI in the Messages app using the iOS 17 beta.

But in any case, I find the user interface visually and functionally appealing. One thing I noticed was that Parker hadn’t included what controlling HomeKit devices with this new Control Center would look like. That could be interesting to find out with the list design as opposed to the small, efficient tiles used in the existing Control Center.

On a related note on the Android side, my colleague Jordan just got started with a list style UI called Niagara Launcher.

What do you think of this Control Center concept? Love it, hate it, eh? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Concept by Parker Ortolani

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