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Connexa starts beta testing of the artificial intelligence (AI) Tennis Analytics app for IOS and Android users under the Slinger Bag brand.

Connexa Sports Technologies Inc.

Connexa Sports Technologies Inc.

App turns smartphones into valuable tools for improving players’ tennis games; Advanced algorithms analyze all playing styles

Windsor Mills, MD, Nov. 9, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Connexa Sports Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq:CNXA), the owner of both the Slinger Bag and Gameface brands, announces the beta launch of the Slinger Bag tennis analysis app – powered by Gameface Artificial Intelligence (AI) – available simultaneously to iOS and Android users.

The Slinger app, powered by Gameface, offers an AI sports platform that has already proven itself successfully in Australian cricket. Slinger’s AI analytics app will provide tennis players and coaches with valuable insights into the complexities of their game by extracting and analyzing data from uploaded player or match videos, filmed with a single smartphone or compatible camera.

The Slinger App is currently in beta testing and will eventually be offered on a subscription basis as part of Slinger’s Sport-as-a-Service vision. The Slinger Bag brand and its innovative ball launcher are already widely known and trusted by millions of tennis players around the world.

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The main feature of the Slinger app is its patent-pending AI algorithm, which was created to recognize and analyze the core principles of different playing styles and techniques used in today’s modern game. Over the past year, extensive testing of all types of playing styles, along with input from key tennis coaching minds, has identified four universal pillars that encompass common characteristics upon which all players’ games are built, regardless of style or technique.

These four universal pillars are: Hitting Stability FoundationShoulder and Swing RotationWeight transfer Drift and consistent ball Contact point.

The Slinger app uses video-based AI to analyze, measure and report metrics for each critical pillar, providing the player with insights and self-coaching tips in a very simple yet effective way. It is designed to be used both as a standalone app and in conjunction with a player using the Slinger Bag Launcher.

Slinger Bag’s vision is to provide every player with regular, meaningful, interesting and actionable insights to improve their game and thereby enable users to get maximum satisfaction and enjoyment from their time on the pitch. Like every fitness app available, the Slinger app is designed to encourage you to use it regularly to track your self-improvement progress.

“We anticipate that our artificial intelligence platform will power the Connexa brand portfolio and generate significant consumer engagement. The AI ​​platform will power real-time data and analytics for each of Connexa’s core sports sectors: racquet sports, baseball and cricket. Our leadership in these industries will be complemented by licensed strategic partnerships in non-core team sports,” said Mike Ballardie, CEO of Connexa Sports Technologies.

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Ballardie added: “Upon completion of the Slinger App for tennis, the Gameface team will then replicate the Slinger App’s AI analytics platform for both pickleball and padel tennis users and begin development and testing in support of the Slinger Bag Baseball launch , scheduled for the second half of this year. 2024. In addition to these developments, we plan to begin the process of identifying strategic licensing partners for high-profile, non-core sports verticals such as basketball, football and lacrosse, with the clear goal of becoming a recognized leader in Sports AI globally.”

Following the launch of the completed Slinger app – which will eventually be available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store – any new Slinger Bag user will need to download the Slinger App to also view the Slinger Bag Launcher user manual. to access hundreds of highly recommended practice and drill videos. This will help significantly increase the download potential for the Slinger app – well above the already 500,000 strong database of active tennis players that Connexa maintains.

Jalal Shaik, Managing Director of Australia-based Gameface, said: “Gameface initially focused its technology on the cricket industry, where we built an automated platform to extract various data points from live and archived match footage. The team has since been committed to identifying and building performance markers to help tennis players objectively monitor and improve their play. Following the launch of the Slinger app for tennis, Gameface plans to revisit the cricket industry to enhance its technology offering, based on the progress made with the tennis AI and aimed at broadening and deepening its reach in the cricket world .

Ballardie concluded by saying: “The increasing power of mobile devices, combined with the accessibility of affordable cloud computing, has fueled the rapid integration of AI into the sports industry. AI, supplemented with existing technologies such as Big Data, IoT and GPS, is reshaping how we monitor athletes and teams. This AI-driven transformation provides real-time insights to players, coaches and managers and through Gameface, our AI analytics allow us to quantify data results alongside the player’s kinematic profile.”

In 2022, the global Sports AI market size was recognized as US$2.1 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30.10% between 2023 and 2030.1 – provide significant growth in both the number of users and expected recurring revenue.

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Please visit to watch a video highlighting the key features of the Slinger Bag app.

1 Cognitive market research

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Connexa Sports is a leading connected sports company delivering products, technologies and Sport-as-a-Service across a range of sports industries. Connexa’s mission is to reinvent sports through technological innovation, driven by a relentless focus on today’s sports consumers.

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