Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

An anonymous reader quotes a report from 9to5Google: Google has teamed up with Cameyo to give business Chromebooks another way to run Windows applications using ChromeOS Virtual App Delivery. Cameyo is a company that offers a “Virtual App Delivery” (VAD) platform that allows Windows, Linux, internal web and SaaS applications to be streamed to other devices. This offering now gets tight integration with ChromeOS. These Windows apps appear just like other icons in a Chromebook’s launcher and taskbar. Behind the scenes, they’re PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) that aim to blur their streamed nature with native file system integration. This includes allowing users to access local files and folders from the virtual instances. Similarly, the integration with the ChromeOS Clipboard Connector enables local copying and pasting.

When a user opens a specific file type, Cameyo ensures that the correct virtual app is launched. These virtual apps can be streamed from the cloud or from local data centers. Compared to full virtual desktop apps, this approach would “eliminate infrastructure and licensing complexity.” On the security front, “apps and devices are isolated from network resources and segmented by default, so users can access only the apps and data they need to do their job, while eliminating the need to expose firewall and server ports.” to the open Internet.” ChromeOS Virtual App Delivery with Camyo is available today as an enterprise offering. There is no consumer equivalent.

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