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ChargePoint hits user milestone and rolls out major app update

Today, EV charging network ChargePoint announced it reached 1 million active drivers in the quarter and has launched an overhaul of its mobile app to reward these customers.

ChargePoint ($CHPT) was founded in the early days of EV in 2007 and remains a veteran in the space, having grown into one of the largest EV charging networks on the planet. To date, he has provided more than 145 million charging sessions to drivers across North America and Europe.

While competitors like Tesla and Electrify America are increasing their fast-charging presence, ChargePoint has secured the AC market even though it also offers DC chargers. ChargePoint estimates that as of January 31, 2023, it held approximately 70% market share of all public AC network chargers in North America.

This market saturation has led the network to reach a major customer milestone announced today, along with details of a revamped ChargePoint driver app, available across multiple products for both iOS and Android users. Now it looks like this.

ChargePoint’s new app ‘simplifies the user experience’

ChargePoint says more than 2 million EV drivers in the U.S. alone have used their account to charge on its network at least once. Consider his 3.6 million electric vehicles currently on U.S. roads, and more than half of them have used his ChargePoint before. Even better, more than a third of his customers are now quarterly customers.

Now, these drivers should be able to easily find a charge wherever they are with the new ChargePoint app. According to ChargePoint CEO Pasquale Romano,

As more EVs come to market, drivers continue to choose ChargePoint as their network choice, with our quarterly active users exceeding 1 million. ChargePoint continues to focus on providing the best driver experience, so the mobile app redesign is designed to help drivers find, use, and pay for charging in the most convenient way possible. Participated in efforts to improve reliability.

According to the charging network, the app updates are based on three key design pillars.

  • ease of use – Improved tabs and filters to simplify navigation and find your charger faster.
  • Discovering and using stations – Clearer station identification means drivers can more easily find parking spots and the process when starting a charging session is also more seamless.
  • EV drivers can answer immediately – We have expanded our FAQ page to provide everything EV drivers need to know to charge at home or on the go.
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The updated ChargePoint app is now available for free download from the iOS App Store and Google Play and is supported on all major mobile platforms including Android, Android Auto, iOS, MacOS, and Apple Watch. Learn more about.

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