Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
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Busuu is a foreign language learning app that allows users to learn different foreign languages ​​according to their age. They take their time to complete the lessons with different types of exercises to improve their skills and always have an audiovisual element to help them remember the information in the lessons. users should always maintain their study habits to retain their knowledge and maintain their level.

Learn a foreign language your way

If you are short on time for a foreign language course, Busuu is the perfect solution for you. This application is useful for learning foreign languages ​​and aims to facilitate communication. In this app you can find different types of engaging lessons that will help you change your experience and stay motivated. Once I start the game I have no problems accessing the interface at all.

Simple user interface for language selection and lessons

Many different languages ​​are displayed and depending on the language, different types of lessons can be found. In general, they still have their own kind of lessons, such as language skills, pronunciation, lessons to help you complete some lessons related to trade or tourism. Basic to advanced lessons are therefore too difficult. You can confidently build a useful learning mode for yourself without it

A variety of lessons

As you experience Busuu, the number of classes you take will vary greatly and change depending on your goals. If you decide to perfect your language skills, start with lesson types that cover topics from simple to complex. Each lesson is more than one lesson, it takes a number of steps. Each step has requirements to complete so you can remember what you just learned.

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Improve your skills through audiovisual media

In addition to the written information from Busuu, you also have access to various audiovisual media. Look at the given examples with audio and pronounce them correctly. Pictures help you memorize words quickly, and these words are often accompanied by concrete examples. Therefore, the vocabulary and knowledge you receive is applicable to practice and communication.

Get support from other users

By experiencing this application, you can enjoy writing and speaking lessons yourself. They are presented with a certain context and come up with appropriate sentences. You can also ask someone to use the foreign language you are learning as their first language so you don’t have to worry about the accuracy of the sentences you write or speak. At the same time, the application will help you with this. Suggest a friend.

End your route

An interesting part of experiencing Busuu is being able to see your learning progress. Depending on your desire and motivation, you can learn more one day and less the next. A marked list of dates and classes is required. From there you can see how persistent you are and what level you are at.

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