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Buchgutscheine mit der NDR Hamburg App gewinnen | – Nachrichten

Status: 10.11.2023 12:00

With the NDR Hamburg App from NDR 90.3 and the Hamburg Journal you can find guidance for your Thalia Buchhandlungen Hamburg.

If it is dry and more rainy, then the time is a pleasure to drink. Zum Beispiel with a warm shirt and a good book. If you can buy the spice time with your new Lieblingsbuch, you will get NDR 90.3 and the Hamburg Journal will redeem a book book in the value of 30 Euro.

Gutscheine won

Wollen Want to get a good idea? Dann machen Sie bei unserem Gewinnspiel in der NDR Hamburg App mit! We are free from the insgesamt of the benefits for the Hamburger Thalia Buchhandlungen. The Gutscheine was zur Verfügung gestellt von the Thalia Buchhandlungen Hamburg. The date is November 24, 2023 at 12 noon.

More information

Bücher stehen aufgereiht nebeneinander.  © photo alliance/dpa/dpa-Zentralbild |  Jens Büttner Photo: Jens Büttner

NDR 90.3 und das Hamburg Journal verlosen Gutscheine für die Thalia Buchhandlungen Hamburg. more

If NDR 90.3 is the following Gewinn-Kansen: Beim Hamburg-Quiz at 8.40 Uhr gibt es jeden Tomorrow from Montag to Freitag ebenfalls Buchgutscheine zu gewinnen.

Start and operate the app

In the app of the Winnspiel game it is a matter of: Loading the free NDR Hamburg app from NDR 90.3 and the Hamburg Journal on your smartphone. Click on the “Mitmachen” button.

A few times you do that is that you have received the Verlosung voor de Gutscheine-dabei. A story on may be a problem. And then: Daumen drücken! On Friday, November 24, the Gewinnspiel ended at 12 noon. Im Anschluss the Gewinnerinnen and Gewinner were dissolved. It was a glück if you wanted it. Wir wünschen: Viel Erfolg!

Reload the app

The app works for the various devices and extended Betriebssysteme Android and iOS systems. This functionality is available on all Android smartphones running Android 4.4 and later on iPhone and iPad running iOS 8 or later. The free app can be downloaded for Android and iOS from the respective app stores.


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Fragen and Antworten

Screenshot: A person is holding his smartphone, showing the Hamburg App of NDR 90.3 and seeing the Hamburg Journal.  © NDR Photo: NDR

Would you like to watch a Livestream Player, the Winnspielen, the Messenger or the App in general? I found frequently asked questions. more

Der Schutz Ihrer Personbezogenen Daten bei der Erhebung, Verarbeitung und bei der Nutzung unserer App ist uns een importanliegen. more

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