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BluOS 4.0 iOS App on iPhone Lifestyle

Good hardware is only as good as the software that runs it. There is no doubt that some of the platforms currently running network streamers and wireless loudspeakers are seriously lacking.

A flashy, sleek interface (Sonos) might get you in the club, but an outdated search function makes setting up a multi-room system unnecessarily long and freezes daily. Hardware becomes a mere thing. Expensive furniture gathering dust.

Sonos has proven that the software experience actually matters more than the hardware for most consumers, as do Lenbrook (NAD, DALI, PSB, Bluesound), Naim, WiiM Audio and Cambridge Audio. It is clear that we have reached that realization.

If it takes more than 20 minutes to set up access to all your streaming platforms, integrate Roon and connect your digital hub to your home network and multi-room wireless loudspeakers if you want to utilize that platform. There is a serious software problem.

BluOS doesn’t always have the slickest interface, but I’ve managed to use it at home and at work for almost four years. The integration of TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify and Roon proved controversial in terms of slower-than-ideal performance, but the platform is robust and supports NAD, PSB, Cyrus Audio, DALI, or Bluesound components. and wireless reviews never freaked out. Speakers are under consideration.

But for those of us who use BluOS on a daily basis, it became clear that the platform needed an updated interface, easier searching, and faster performance.

Originally slated for release earlier this year, they are all set to release in mid-October. Lenbrook will be giving a preview of BluOS 4.0 at his CEDIA 2023 in Denver, booth #3516. Robert Silva and Chris Boylan report first impressions of his version of the platform on new mobile from the show.

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This update revitalizes the BluOS Controller app experience with several improvements, including a redesigned user interface, improved navigation, and improved search functionality, providing a more personalized experience for playing and controlling music across multiple zones. method is provided.

“After a rigorous development process, we are excited to introduce BluOS 4.0,” said Andrew Haines, BluOS Product Manager. It underscores our dedication to doing so.”

From October 17ththUsers are prompted to download the official firmware update by following the BluOS controller app prompts available for both iOS and Android devices.

Screenshot of BluOS 4.0 iOS app on iPhone

What is BluOS?

BluOS is a premium multi-room audio ecosystem that manages stored and cloud music sources and playback, supporting high-definition audio streams up to 24-bit/192 kHz.

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Adopted by some of the most popular residential Hi-Fi and commercial audio brands, BluOS integrates with numerous IoT and voice control systems, enabling interoperability between compatible devices across brands for maximum versatility and use cases.

Featuring integration with popular streaming music services such as TIDAL, Spotify, SoundMachine, and SiriusXM for Business, as well as support for MQA, FLAC, AAC, and other high-definition formats and codecs, BluOS is your go-to for all genres of music. Provides virtually unlimited access. opportunity. BluOS consists of an operating system and control application for smartphones, tablets and PC desktops, providing a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform for the modern audiophile and customer experience professional.

iOS / iPhone BluOS 4.0 Screenshots

Key highlights:

  • Improved navigation
    • An all-new bottom navigation bar with easily identifiable icons for Home, Favorites, Music Player, and Search gives you quick one-tap access to the app’s most important features.
  • customized content
    • The Favorites screen gives users quick access to their favorite content with customizable views by playlists, artists, albums, songs and stations.
  • Centralized access
    • Music screen brings music sources, music services and device inputs all together in one area, allowing users to easily switch between connected zones
  • Improved player controls
    • Users can now easily switch between Now Playing and Play Queue screens, with new icons for grouping and indicators for sampled audio quality and zone playback.
  • Better, faster search
    • A new dedicated search screen lets you search by music service for more specific and faster results.
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Stay tuned for our impressions from the show and information for early October 2023 when you can try out BluOS through a number of NAD and Bluesound components.

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