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Bloomberg: iPhone 16 to be revived, iOS 18 to be updated soon, App-Sideloading to start in 2024

The Apple iPhone has been in the year 2024 of the major system update since years.  (Image: Apple)
The Apple iPhone has been in the year 2024 of the major system update since years. (Image: Apple)

Laut der new information from Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman can be found on iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro with new reviews. If things are so exciting with iOS 18, the iPhone operating system is a complicated update.

Following the latest information, Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman has released a light update with iOS 18 and a new major update for the iPhone. When Apple went through Google’s update, the Einsatz of the functions was on the basis of an intelligent intelligence involvement. Apple’s Management has internally developed iOS 18 as “ambitious” and “fast-breaking.”

Concrete details about the plant plants that Mark Gurman has not yet found are the appeal to the design and performance that explain the security of the operating systems. If priority is given to Apple, Apple’s new feature first started running a week on Requirement, a Bugs out of the closet. Laut de Bloomberg Report that this major iOS update goes beyond Apple’s major expansion, the iPhone 16 Series cannot perform upgrades. Use the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max to use more displays and a 48 MP Ultraweitwinkel camera.

Mark Gurman has turned to the App-Store alternatives. The European iPhone Nutzer has established the Digital Markets Act of the European Union since Halbjahr 2024 Zugriff auf App Stores door Drittanbietern erhalten. There are issues with sideloading on iOS, but it’s not like Apple has a “strong control system” on Android that deals with installing apps from the App Stores. If you send iMessages and contacts, these messages can be sent later.

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