Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
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BlockaNet is a simple yet versatile application that helps users interact with their Internet connection and offers many benefits. This includes changing personal profiles, spoofing IP addresses and accessing content that is banned in many countries. Moreover, changing the proxy will also increase the user’s Internet speed based on the distance, transmission, etc. of each connection.

Wide compatibility with various proxies

The first great thing about this application is its wide compatibility with internet protocols that users can quickly link or change. They all also come with some specific entries that allow anyone to easily filter or search for the right option to change their proxy.

Easily change your personal internet profile

All options related to changing the proxy come with many customizations to personalize the flexible system in a few simple steps. Luckily, the app changes everything automatically based on user preferences to ensure the best quality for everyone.

Intuitive interface with beautiful layout

Changes to internet profiles happen automatically and immediately, while the interface is sleek and easy to use. It also organizes features and tools into neat categories and offers plenty of changes to the overview so users can personalize everything.

Fake personal IP address with access from anywhere

Changing your proxy will generate a completely new IP address based on the server you choose, which will have a major impact on your internet speed. This gives users unrestricted access to any website in the world through a regional layer of security.

Create different profiles for quick installation

Instead of tedious manual connections, users are free to proxy her profile for future access. Each profile also has extensive customizations to maximize personalized user experience in specific scenarios.

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BlockaNet has many simplifications in its system, user interface and functionality, giving users greater extensibility to interact with commonly used Internet protocols to identify all users. increase.


Downloads: Pro features unlocked

BlockaNet Pro: Free Proxy List v2.9 APK/Mirror

BlockaNet Pro: Free Proxy List v2.2 APK/Mirror

BlockaNet Pro: Free Proxy List v2.0.1 APK/Mirror

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