Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
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Barnes and Noble have added new features to their Nook reading app for iPhone and iPad. They’re gamifying e-book reading by introducing a new feature called ‘trends’. A new Trends section lets you track your reading and listening progress for the month. It has a reading and listening wheel that tracks the number of consecutive days you read digital content or listen to audiobooks. The bookseller said it plans to introduce more features and trending perks in the future.

Barnes and Noble Trends is similar to the Kindle system for iOS that tracks the number of consecutive days you read digital content. There is a large community of people sharing their Kindle reading progress through social media. Some people have been reading every day for years. Barnes and Noble would like to take advantage of a reading progress system. I wish the e-reader had this feature, not just the Nook app.

The Nook version 6.6.1 update of the Nook iOS app also includes other features. A redesigned account screen gives you quick access to your wishlists, favorite categories, trends and more. Multiple quality of life improvements to library management. It includes a collapsed menu, a Quick Access ‘Show Only Downloaded Items’ filter, and a new cloud icon for files not yet on your device. The default library view starts with list view. Tap the grid icon in the upper right to switch out of list view. A new filter “Show unsupported” has been added to the library settings.

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