Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
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AVG Cleaner Pro

AVG Cleaner allows users to quickly and efficiently install their electronic devices while performing highly efficient cleaning and checking tasks. We researched and researched the needs of our customers and revamped our system in a more efficient way. Combine them to pave the way for your device’s next operation. Users can now select and open temporary files that appear in folders.

Make a place for memories

AVG Cleaner is great at cleaning memory and helped me create a huge space for it. Junk files or folders are checked and sorted into a separate table, waiting for a delete command. Unnecessary or unused applications are also included in this list. For files that take up a lot of space, the system warns the user at the earliest possible stage. Storing lots of photos and videos also fills in the gaps, making the cloud a great choice for this cleaning process.

Improved operating speed

Once the cleaning process is complete, performance will improve significantly. Cached information is deleted so your experience is not interrupted. Some applications that slow down the operation of the device are removed so that the user can work in the perfect environment.

One of the benefits of AVG Cleaner’s cleaning features is that it provides an extra layer of protection for your battery. Users can use their devices for longer without worrying about battery life. The system will assign the element to this function. Simply enable Battery Saver and you’re done building a layer of protection.

Force some applications to stop working

During use, the system scans and detects unwanted applications that need to close or stop working for a certain period of time. This results in longer battery life and less consumption of connected data. You can also enable data usage for certain apps that are essential for saving money.

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Create an activity dashboard

For the communication that takes place on your device, AVG Cleaner creates a common board to manage all licensed content. Details are updated section by section for easy viewing and management by users. Battery, storage capacity, application activity and more are all brought together in this impressive table of statistics.

Improved manager performance

Complete the task of analyzing the imaging system and various files to make the correct selection for each item. Easily retrieve information when cleaning and managing are combined to provide the most enjoyable device operating experience. Apply innovative technology to all products of the Android operating system.

Development of special functions

AVG Cleaner also does a great job of cleaning up storage space, improving battery protection and ensuring stable operation of the device. This system meets the various requirements of users in terms of tool quality. We also make you happy by introducing special services to enhance your experience. Expect more innovations in the next updated version. Leave a comment about this app!


AVG Cleaner PRO


AVG Cleaner PRO v23.17.0 / Mirror

AVG Cleaner PRO v6.15.0 / Mirror

AVG Cleaner PRO v6.9.0 / Mirror

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