Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Opera’s web browser app for iOS will come with an AI assistant. The company today announced that Opera for iOS will include Aria, a browser AI product built in partnership with OpenAI that integrates directly into web browsers and is free to all users.

This AI solution was previously released in Opera for desktop and Opera for Android, and now has over 1 million users. With the addition of iOS support, the company says Aria will be available on all major platforms including his Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and now iOS.

However, it is up to individual users to use Aria. If you want to experience AI services, you can opt-in. It is not forced on anyone. In doing so, Aria offers a range of intelligent insights and ideas, as well as responsive voice commands. Users must also be logged into an Opera account to use Aria. If you don’t have an account, you can create one through the app.

Aria is based on Opera’s own “Composer” infrastructure and connects with OpenAI’s GPT technology. Composer will allow Aria to connect to multiple AI models, and in the future will extend the capabilities of AI in search and AI services, including further migration to generative AI, which Opera plans to announce at a later date. To do.

Like other AI search companions, Opera on iOS has a chatbot-like interface that lets you ask questions and receive responses instead of searching the web for answers. AI is available from the Opera iOS app’s Advanced menu (the rightmost tab in the bottom navigation bar). If you prefer, you can tap the mic button to speak your question to Aria instead of typing.

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After announcing Aria’s one million user milestone last month, the company touted how the addition of AI impacted other metrics.

At the time, Opera co-CEO Lin Song said, “While the initial adoption of Aria has been encouraging, we are equally pleased with the quality of our users’ initial commitment to the AI ​​tool.” “We’re also seeing more searches per session, more pageviews, and more total time spent.”

Aria isn’t Opera’s first AI solution. The company previously developed AI prompts. This allows users to quickly initiate a conversation with a generative AI service to shorten or explain articles, generate tweets, or request relevant content based on highlighted text.

Opera for iOS is a free download and includes useful features like built-in ad blocking, free VPN, tracking protection, crypto wallets, support for private browsing, and more.

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