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If you use the large amounts of 100% fasting premium applications, it is certain that the following list will be absorbable. Many of these applications can be rated above 4 stars, while most other applications are used by many users. Other great ventaja is that there is a list that has a lot of interest for users of iOS and Android, but the man can become manos if he gives permission to use his with incredible results. Check the following list.

Free applications for Android

QR Code Scanner Pro ($55.00 MXN): this is an application that you can use if you use a herramienta, you can use the hora of the QR codes. If you have one of the best apps in front of you, with a point of 4.9 stars and most of it, you can use all the free premium features.

Market Pro: Sentiment Analysis ($69.00 MXN): an application that is basic if you want to market a trading business, you can describe the direction you are taking on the market, detect if the market is one of the best to buy an entrepreneur who makes a decision, negotiates or manages a position. 8 analyzes of the most popular options are possible: the dollar, the euro, the yen and the scales.

Decimal to Fraction Pro ($9.90 MXN): Want to make decimal conversions to fractions more complicated? If so, then this is an application that you can use to convert numbers of decimal numbers into fractions, an application can be used to help academia appeal to the professional ambition.

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Bass Booster & Equalizer Pro ($69.00 MXN): An app that can increase the attention of the previous generations, can disable an app and have a greater performance if you download one of the best things and with those last features premium totally free. It is an ideal option to strengthen the foundation of your mobile development, you can use impulses, ecualizars and your mobile phone as now.

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Free pago applications for iOS

Water Tracker: iHydrate ($35.00 MXN): This app is perfect for getting a perfect water base and providing a more valuable life experience.

Sheiko – Training Routines ($18.00 MXN): perfect for these fun things, an application is essential to realize an achievement, bank or levantar pesas. An excellent startup application.

Anchor Pointer Compass GPS ($70.00 MXN): this application is intended to use navigation with internet connection, while you can use many caminas to discover your car, you can use a GPS that is incredibly precise when discovering your device in one minute.

bProgress ($18.00 MXN): A product product perfect for maximizing your time, creating your goals, making you more efficient, and organizing your day and your agenda as efficiently as possible. With a function that archives your objects.

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