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Apple’s Journal, new app arrives in iOS 17.2

After the release of iOS 17.1, which will install new applications in October (personalization, AirDrop improvements, new options for StandBy…), Apple will benefit developers. iOS 17.2 Beta. About the ready-made points!

Pour the application according to the time of the journal on iPhone

Journal can now use a new application native to iPhone to keep Journal In Time numbers and purchase souvenirs on your smartphone.

Specifically, it runs the application « entrées» completely, creates texts, images (imports photos in the application, creates photo instructions), videos, and performs localization. You can use the interface to make purees and pour your prizes. You can ask simple questions.

Journal invites new apps to your iPhone, reflects on your journal, has gratitude, revisits your journal, and runs out of Apple.

Can I actually use the new application? iPhone (Photos, Santé, Forme…) pour vous suggestions Contents of proposal « Functions to enjoy daily life ». Latest recommendations for activities: photo capture, visitors, sports activities in action, discussions, musical activities… Create an application that allows you to conduct safe examinations and report syndromes on a blank page.

The journal carries out research proposals, proposals and reflections on the latest activities. © Capture BDM

Be sure to check ahead using iOS 17.2 instead of custom-developed applications on your iPhone. Keep track of updates on the App Store.

Comment user l’Application Journal ?

Pour Journal, Apple embraces simplification. Specifically, pour the main dish, add « + » « + » boutons and make the necessary preparations.

Includes a private bathroom. Use the various buttons to enable voting for the clavier and consider reflections, images, photos, audio recordings and localization possibilities. Find your favorite entry, create an icon sign and meet the best conditions for recreation.

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Lorsque vous avez terminé de rédiger votre entrée, appuyez sur got itpour your journal.

Gravez Souvenir, Application Journal. © Capture BDM

Bon à savoir en cliquant sur les 3 points de suspension situés en haut à droite de l’écran, vous pouvez modifier la date de l’entrée (date de Saisie, date du moment ou date personnalisée).

It’s easy to win prizes for leading application journals.

Want to keep your journal safe?

Ask questions about underlying safety issues to HR personnel. On the surface, Apple offers a guarantee: monitoring the application journal via voting code, Face ID or Touch ID. Vous avez également la main sur le verrouillage de l’application dès que vous la quittez (verrouillage immédiat, ou au bout de 1 minute, de 5 minutes, ou d’un quart d’heure).

security journal-iphone-ios-17-2
Vos Souvenir Sonbiengarde Abek Journal. © Capture BDM

Be aware of safety, in-game application safety, and Apple safety precautions. Important point: Use iCloud to sync your applications and keep your main application stable at all times.

Finally, pour your application notes onto your iPhone for a quick application journal run.

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