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Apple will sideload its iPhone and iPad in 2024

While last year we benefited from the European iPhone pot page Download the app for iPhone and iPad and install it from the official App Store. Apple, in accordance with the Digital Markets Act (DMA), has a series of normative antitrust derivatives of the major technological developments, which (March 2024) have authorized the “sideloading” of the app on iOS and on iPadOS.


I think this is an era where there is the possibility of implementing part of the version of the system that can improve the situation. When the recent release of iOS and iPadOS 17.1.1 recently started, the functionality is still greater.

Previous reports have communicated that Apple is effectively prepared for its own operational sideloading system, while individuals in the era of the arrival of the latest beta version of iOS 17.2 no longer have a good score.

If it is firmware, present a new one framework public chiamato “Managed App Distribution” If you allow an app to participate in the installation of another app, you can also use help to create its own App Store. But now that we’ve gotten to the stessa Apple, this framework is the only way to complete the app distribution of part of the organization. On parole, lo scopo and another.

Second time that Mark Gurman, Bloomberg’s Giornalista, Apple introduces an “alternative control system” per permission to use the European Union to install app stores on this parti. Subsequent changes to the app messages and the app app may be of interest to normative European antitrust law.

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Although it is true, Apple stated a while ago that it sideloading “takes on the protection of privacy and security” when making a statement about the use of the iPhone, which makes people vulnerable to malware, data traffic and other problems . Meeting all normative standards can contribute much more than 10% of the total achievement of global life, while allowing the community to grow if there is a decline of 20%.

In a precedential report that has become increasingly common in recent years, Mark Gurman once said that Apple shared the currency options to allow the installation of apps on the iPhone and iPad only through the verification of a series of requirements for security, in the form of “Gatekeeper” presente in macOS gives you a great opportunity if you use an app from the Mac App Store.

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