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Apple will literally have to change the deepest rules of iOS. The company has already accepted that it will have to allow third-party app stores

The Google Chromium development team has published a blog post detailing the performance improvements it has made to the Google Chromium browser in recent years.

Google claims Chrome has saved users more than 10,000 years, including on Windows 11

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Improvements have also been made to Windows 11, especially for the so-called “efficiency mode” of Windows 11 Efficiency Mode. Notably, Firefox also supports this mode, although it is based on the Gecko engine rather than Chromium.

As noted by Google, page loads in Chrome are now an average of 166 ms faster. This may seem like a small improvement, but small changes can add up and have a significant impact on the internet.

As the developers boldly claim, Chrome saved users a total of over 10,000 years of waiting for pages to load, as well as 1,200 years of potential waiting for sites to respond. In addition, these statistics take into account the 2023 indicators on Windows PCs and Android devices – a saving of two thousand years on Windows and eight thousand on Android.

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