Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
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Apple has announced that every compatible iOS and iPadOS application will automatically be listed in an upcoming app store for the Vision Pro, the company’s upcoming AR headset. This means there will be a large number of apps available for the Vision Pro at launch, with Apple stating that there will be “hundreds of thousands” of apps available.

Introduced by Apple at its developer conference in June, the Vision Pro is the company’s first step into spatial computing. The headset focuses on augmented reality, superimposing computer-generated content over the real world. In June, Apple provided developers with tools to write applications for visionOS, revealing that most iPad and iPhone apps will run on visionOS without any modifications.

Apple sees the inclusion of these apps as a way to provide users with a seamless experience, allowing them to access their favorite iPad and iPhone apps alongside new visionOS apps on the Vision Pro’s infinite canvas. There are exceptions to this inclusion, however, where apps that require capabilities not available through the AR/VR headset, such as camera apps and turn-by-turn apps, are not listed in the app store.

Apple gives developers the option not to have their applications appear in the Vision Pro app store. Developers can choose to uncheck the box that says “Make this app available on Apple Vision Pro” in App Store Connect. This option is enabled by default, but developers can opt out if they haven’t thoroughly tested their software on the headset.

Overall, Apple’s move to automatically list all compatible iOS and iPadOS apps in the Vision Pro app store is intended to give users a wide range of options and improve their AR headset experience.

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