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Apple receives DMA: When iOS arrives in Europe, App Store will be offered instead

IL digital market law è un’insieme di Leggi approves its activities in Europe in 2024.

Second Queste Regi, Le Grandi Martinazionali Non Possono Ostacolare La Ribera Concolenza, and Alternative Practical Living, Establishing the Monopoly and the Necessities of Life as “Aprile”; Establish alternatives.

Apple collects information about ‘chiuso’ and monitors our own ecosystem to protect your privacy and provide better information to the media. Le cose tuttavia stannno per cambiare perché Apple Dovra Adeguarushi All new information will be continuously sold in Europe.

Spend the next moment in the next moment: dal 2024 quindi, gli utenti Potranno installare App Store Alternatives In order to control the Apple ma soprattutto, you need to apply an application. Harden Apple’s systems CheBen Sapiamo, come on. Trazienil 30% Delle Entrait. Use a 10 euro app to manage 7 euros and manage Apple for 3 euros. Attraverso gli Store implements its own system and different applications, Ensure 100% safety.

Based on recent Apple financial information, you can quickly find what you need and be the first to know.

Apple must take appropriate action under the circumstances. Entrance Marzo 2024.

Nei documenti si Legge Come Questi Cambiamenti Potrebello Influenza You can distribute your app on the App Store, share various information, and get alternatives depending on Apple’s situation.

In general, explore new possibilities and explore new possibilities. Payment of fees and management of commissions Apple is migrating the App Store to stay informed and proactive.

DMA’s Potrebé touring all Europe and enjoy all Europe in an instant, non sembra che apple adotera lo steso apricio anche negri altoli continental.

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