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Apple prepares for legal battle over European Union App Store regulations

Apple is drafting an appeal against the EU’s digital markets law, arguing it should not be required to allow alternative app marketplaces on its devices.

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The European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) is a set of regulations targeting large technology companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Google. These laws aim to ensure fair competition by limiting the priority companies can give to their first-party services.

Apple will also argue that iMessage, the on-device messaging service exclusive to Apple users, should not be subject to regulatory scrutiny.

according to bloomberg, Apple’s legal team is preparing an attack that is against the provisions of the law. Apple’s appeal is reportedly still in draft form and subject to change before the November 16 deadline for filing an objection to the EU General Court.

Apple is said to be primarily focused on making sure iMessage isn’t big enough to count as a gatekeeper, according to the law. It also includes a discussion of what exactly the App Store should be and how it should be regulated.

In March 2022, the European Union promulgated the Digital Markets Act. It came into effect in May 2023.

European Commissioner Thierry Breton said in September that the Digital Markets Act was just the beginning and that Apple needed to open up its entire ecosystem to competitors.

However, in the same month, Apple’s iMessage and Microsoft’s Bing were excluded from compliance with the EU’s digital market. Apple argued that its iMessage service is too small in Europe to fall under the terms of the law.

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