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In addition to equipping these students with the advanced hardware needed to learn and develop iOS apps, Apple also provides mentorship and additional resources.

SRM UniversityStudents and teachers of SRM Institute of Science and Technology who have chosen iOS app development (Image credit: Vivek Umashankar/The Indian Express)

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With almost 50 percent of the population under the age of 25, India is a vibrant nation with untapped talent. Despite having the youngest population, the country has a shortage of skilled workers. This is largely due to the gap between university curricula and the changing landscape of jobs and skills required.

There is renewed hope for India’s youth as institutions like the SRM Institute of Science and Technology work to bring about change. SRM has become the first university in India to integrate iOS app development into its computer science curriculum in partnership with Apple. As of now, the course is offered as an elective, but the university has plans to award academic credit for it. The institute also plans to offer the course as a standalone certification program in the future.

The partnership between SRM University, Apple and Infosys not only prepares students for the industry, but also guides them in making their preferred career choices. According to the Vice-Chancellor, students are attracted to high-paying jobs or entrepreneurship, and introducing this course could help them secure both.

In addition to equipping these students with the advanced hardware needed to learn and develop iOS apps, Apple also provides mentorship and additional resources to educators and participating students. Currently, 50 students are following the program and the university plans to increase the intake to 100 next academic year.

Recently, contacted some of the students who registered for the course. During our interactions, a series of iOS apps were revealed that have been developed to address a number of real-life issues. Happy Paws and Circles were the two apps that stood out.

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Happy Paws iOS app (Image credit: Vivek Umashankar/The Indian Express)

Happy Paws acts as an all-in-one app for pet parents, helping with tasks such as hiring dog walkers and scheduling vet appointments. The features are similar to Facebook, but tailored for pet owners. In addition, the platform offers a unique social experience.

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Meanwhile, Circles is a trip planning app that comes with some distinctive features, such as a “flaky meter” that rates the likelihood of a person disrupting the entire trip.
It is striking that a large proportion of the students took their first steps in app development. Students unanimously recognized the user-friendliness of iOS app development, especially using Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines (HIG).

In addition, the students agreed that the project had a significant impact on their career path, prompting some to consider devoting themselves full-time to app development. This collaborative effort has sparked the ambition of many I’ve interacted with to develop app development as a viable and attractive career path.

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