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Apple announces Final Cut Pro update with new features

Following an update to Apple’s audio engineering app Logic Pro, the company has now announced updates to Final Cut Pro for Mac and iPad. The new version of Apple’s professional video editor comes with new features, including an improved Object Tracker on macOS and voiceover recording on iPadOS. Read on as we detail everything new with the update.

What’s new in Final Cut Pro for Mac

Final Cut Pro for Mac now features automatic timeline scrolling, making it easier for users to stay focused on their clips during playback. Apple says editors can “dynamically adjust their timeline view during playback.” Apple has also made some interface tweaks to the Timeline so editors can better organize it and distinguish individual clips more easily.

The new version of macOS also brings deeper optimizations to Apple Silicon Macs. Exporting projects just got even faster with a new option to send video segments to available media engines for concurrent processing.

The Object Tracker feature has been rebuilt with new machine learning models. This produces better results when analyzing the movement of faces and other objects, but only on Apple Silicon Macs.

iPad version

For the iPad version, Apple brings voiceover recordings. Users can now record their voice directly into the Timeline using the iPad’s built-in microphone or an external microphone. The update also allows users to enable stabilization in Pro Camera mode to capture smoother, less shaky videos.

Apple says the new version of Final Cut for iPad also comes with more keyboard shortcuts, new color correction presets, and more options for titles and generators. The company announced Final Cut Pro for the iPad earlier this year, but the app lacks many of the features available on macOS. With this update, Apple is slowly starting to fill that gap.

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Apple says updates to Final Cut Pro for Mac and iPad will be available later this month. For the Mac, Final Cut Pro 10.7 will be released as a free update for current users, while the app will cost $299.99 for new users. The iPad version costs $4.99 per month or $49 per year.

More information about Final Cut Pro can be found on Apple’s website.

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