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App Windows for access to PC via cloud and iOS and internet

Allah conference Ignite 2023, Microsoft I have presented a new tool that gives permission to connect to the properties PC Windows nel cloud practice is very important. If it’s okay nuova app Windowsit is available for you iOS, Windows e sul webma che potrebbe arrives and su Androidsuggest a screenshot during the presentation.

The new Windows app offers a simple and secure solution for ai propri PC Windows nel cloudMicrosoft’s service is Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Dev Box, or a personal remote computer. The Windows app provides a uniform interface per gesture and offers various remote sessions, allowing you to install software or configure a complete configuration.

With the nuova app WindowsYou can take advantage of the power, functionality and security of PC Windows in the cloud, offering higher performance, scalability, data protection and automatic aggregation. You can personalize your own personal experience playing videos, the dimensions of the screen, the screen resolution, the mode of touch or mouse and the taste, and the impostazione audio and video.

Use the new Windows per PC Windows in the Cloud app available

La nuova app from Windows It is particularly useful for professionals to have access to their own PC Windows in the cloud with various facilities, such as tablets, smartphones or laptops. For example, an insider can use the application for their own connection PC Windows in the cloud with Windows 365 and applications with Visual Studio or Power BI. A designer can use the new Windows app for their own PC-Windows and cloud connections Azure Virtual Desktop More and more applications are coming Adobe Photoshop o Illustrator. A gamer can use the new Windows app for their own PC Windows cloud in the Microsoft Dev Box and preference is given to own ownership.

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La nuova app Windows and there is a novelty on the market Android, we have not found a solution for an official solution from Microsoft to access a PC Windows network in the cloud. If Microsoft has not announced the application installed on Android, no new app Windows will be available on an Android tablet at the Ignite 2023 conference, but we can propose a future compatibility with Google’s system.

The new Windows app is available for download from iOS, Windows and the web, but can also be used for Android.

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