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App-Store-Monopol vor dem Aus: Apple offers an alternative App-Läden vor for iOS

Dem iPhone-Betriebssystem iOS allows you to operate at scale: Apple is enhancing sideloading to support European Digital Markets Act (Digital Markets Act – DMA) sideloading. The gatekeeper recognizes Apple’s bleibt bis März 2024 Zeit, um die neuen Vorgaben umzusetzen.


Das Unternehmen arbeite bereitsseit einem knappen Jahr an diem Sideloading-Projekt und wolle es im ersten Halbjahr 2024 Implementation, Mark Gurman am Wochenende berichtete from Bloomberg. Operate the “hochgradig kontrolliertes System” and operate the application that starts the App Store installation.

The combination of mobile payment apps and mobile payment apps allows Gurman to continue the discussion. You can check his NFC Schnitstell information about iPhone. For more information about Apple Pay, see Nahfunkschnittstelle Nutzen. Zahlungen im Einzelhandel durchzuführen – das ist nach vorläufiger Auffassung der EU-Commission ein Wettbewerbsverstoß. DMA restrictions are subject to all regulations.

Apple is developing technology to make the most of sideloading. In iOS 17, Bisran is missing. Digital Markets Law is to comply with the best systems management laws and optimize the platform. Apple’s awareness status in macOS: Find out whether Apple’s software supports Apple’s decisions in handling automatic malware handling (“Notarisierung”). Prufen Lassen.

With the iOS 17.2 beta, download Apple’s new frameworks, the latest apps, and the latest apps. “ManagedAppDistribution” management and administration is a necessary system to enhance the management of internal and external apps, as the system takes special management of the organization. Check out AltStore’s sideloading tools for iPhone. please. The app is listed on the App Store and you can download the app after installation.

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