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App sideloading is not that free on Android

If one of the more Freiheit Apple-Nutzer is used in the coming years, it is of course first after the political pressure.

An active message has appeared from Bloomberg Reporter Mark Gurman who showed Apple the iPhone 16 and which is now giving much more gas than the new iOS version. It’s been a year since iOS 18 received a major update and the iPhone operating system has reached a new new level.

Internally, Apple presents the iOS update as “ambitionier” and “fast-moving”. Conkrete Details have never penetrated, but the apple plant has an enveloping effect in the areas of AI, Design, Performance and Security.

With the software version, Apple will perform a new upgrade to the iPhone 16. Here’s an insider who has a small big display and a bigger room, revolutionizing it.

iOS 18 is no longer technically available, but brings more messages to iPhone-Nutzer in Europe. New EU regulations added to Apple’s App Stores launch date 2024. This can all be sideloaded for free with Android. Stattdessen plans Apple has a “strong control system” for apps from Quellen in the App Stores.

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