Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
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AndroVid is a video editing application that allows users to edit the content of any video with different features instead of using multiple layers. Each feature is easy to use, but users should choose wisely. At the same time, the application allows us to create high-quality videos and convert them to different formats with custom parameters.

Editor with many features

The user should know AndroVid compared to other video editing applications because the application does not use many layers for editing. Therefore, for detailed and precise editing, you need to select specific functions. These applications are not as useful as multiple layers, but they can provide high-quality video with basic to advanced features such as cropping, adding effects, text, music, etc.

The first feature worth mentioning is video clipping. When you select a video to edit, you’ll see a bar with two round dots whose length you can manually change. That’s the length of the video and reducing the bar helps emphasize the important parts. Then you continue cutting and the application moves to the next two options.
Cut or delete the selected part. Once you make your decision, the app will do it for you.

Add media to video

One feature that all AndroVid users will love is adding media to their videos. Every time you edit a video, there is a slider that allows you to easily adjust the frequency of your media. Moreover, you can find many unique colors that appear in different filters. The colors in your video are therefore improved without using other functions. You can also easily add photos and music to your videos.

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You can easily add specific content to your videos. You can of course choose when to show it using the slider below. This means you can add more words with multiple additions and see the results after each addition. Besides choosing the music you want to add, you can also adjust the volume of songs and videos so they don’t interfere with each other.

Export and convert videos easily

If you do a lot of video work and don’t want to use a lot of apps, AndroVid is the tool you need. Export your videos and products in various formats, including GIFs and high-quality videos. So it is suitable for people who like to edit without having to search through many supporting apps. However, users must also consider critical timing when adding new media.

In addition to exporting the video, the app also allows you to convert the video if you want to send it to another platform. After opening this function you will be presented with some information and you will have to make the right choice. The important information is resolution, size and quality. There are many parameters that this application supports. This way you can quickly convert your videos and reuse them in your own way.



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