Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
Android runtime



) is a backend plugin that literally manages app load time on Android. Google revealed some new details about the upcoming update to Android Runtime via in a recently published blog post


Play system update.


Runtime update to increase app launch speed

The blog post talks about improving startup times, execution speed and memory usage for apps through Android Runtime update. If you’re not familiar with Android Runtime, it’s the engine behind the Android operating system (OS). It provides the runtime and core APIs that all apps and most OS services rely on.

The app launch speed plays an important role in the user experience with the device.


and iPads have always been ahead and are more optimized when it comes to the opening and closing speed of apps. With the ART 14 update, Google has made substantial improvements to Android Runtime.

So much so that the blog post mentions a 30% increase in app launch speed. This boost is expected to significantly improve the Android user experience. In addition, ART 14 introduces benefits such as improved memory usage, more efficient bytecode compilation, and essential security fixes.

Android goes modular

Since Android 14, Android Runtime receives regular updates through the Google Play system update. However, with ART, it has gained the ability to receive independent updates, requiring no additional user intervention.

Google explains this by saying that Android was “originally designed for monolithic updates, which meant OS components didn’t have to have clear API boundaries. This is because all dependent software would be built together. However, this made it difficult to update ART independently from the rest of the OS. Our first challenge was to untangle ART’s dependencies and create clear, well-defined and tested API boundaries. This allowed us to modularize and update ART independently.

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Rollout details

ART 14 is scheduled for release on all compatible devices in the coming months. It includes support for OpenJDK 17, a new compiler, and runtime optimizations designed to improve performance while reducing code size.

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