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User manuals iOS j Android I received an excellent message: the opportunity to access a large number of applications of the form completely free. The most characteristic feature of this offer is that all downloads are realized directly on the ten official applications of iOS and Android, guaranteeing security and tranquility and eliminating the need for downloading archive APKs.

It is fundamental that these promotions have a limited duration, which implies that they can act quickly to confirm the offer available. The limit for taking advantage of these promotions varies from one day to the next, but in the mayor of the cases the days can be carried out more and more often to realize the application. There are a number of applications that require this type of application, including the end of the promotion.

List of applications for download

As downloading becomes more and more accessible, Nextpit has put together a full list of promotions and a brief description of a few things that can cause complications. These accessories facilitate installation directly from the device App Store the Apple o la Google Play StoreMake sure you have an experience that doesn’t cause any problems. No amount of approval or approval limits the possibilities to enhance your mobile experience.

Apps for free on Android

  • Audio Converter – MP4 to MP3 ( $2.99) : If you have some indications, the audio or video MP4 archives and the audio MP3 archives are available for greater compatibility.
  • QR/Barcode Scanner Pro ( $2.49) : You have some data, this app app for barras or QR codes and almacena for your later use and decrypting your data.
  • Screenshot Pro – Auto Crop ( $2.99) : Eliminate the necessary visualization elements from our recordings of the pantalla, as a navigation and state barras.
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Apps de pago free on iOS

  • Again now ( $24.99 ): If you want to add an extra to your time proposition, this application contains great animations in 3D that simulate the level and all the effects of atmosphere effects.
  • Sheet music scanner ( $4.99 ): digital scores and catalogs on your iPhone or iPad. The application allows to enable the automatic selection of the instrument and its speed for comparable reproduction.
  • PXL – mosaic art ( $3.99 ): Transform normal images into the collection of more special creando collages, mosaic and creando GIF application effects, cards and invitations.
  • Calculator Easy HD ( $0.99 ): an alternative to the predetermined iOS/iPadOS calculator is suitable for high resolution, mode and more.
  • Daily costs Pro ( $2.99 ): other requests for registering our guest diaries and resolving the end of salary before this time.

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