Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
Find My: The Unlikely Hero of iOS Features

Some of iOS’s vast array of features are designed for everyday use, while others act as a safety net for the unexpected. One such feature is Collision Detection, which automatically detects serious collisions and alerts emergency services. But there is one more feature that may not save your life, but it will definitely save you from the loss of your valuable possessions. It’s “Find My”.

The Find My app allows users to locate their device on a map and set notifications to alert them when the device is misplaced. This feature is compatible with various Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Plus, with the AirTag attached, you can track virtually any item thanks to the U1 chip’s use of ultra-wideband technology for “spatial awareness.”

The power of these notices became apparent when the author returned from a trip to Barcelona. While standing in line for passport control, suddenly an iPhone alerted him that his iPad had been misplaced. With the help of the Find My app, they quickly found the iPad and managed to remove it from the plane before it restarted.

In another incident, the author dropped his AirPods Pro 2 case while walking in the park. When I realized I was lost, I used the Find My app and found that the location was scattered in the middle of the park. Unfortunately, in their frantic chase, the dot began to move around the park. Eventually, Dot settled in a building near his home, where he approached a kind old lady who unwittingly picked up the incident while walking her dog.

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These experiences underscore the reliability and usefulness of the Find Me feature. This may not be the most attractive addition to iOS, but it can prove to be an invaluable tool when it comes to finding lost belongings. To enable Find My on an iOS device, the user must sign in with her Apple ID, enable location sharing, and turn on Find My on the respective device. This is a feature worth having in place before an unfortunate loss occurs.

The author doesn’t want to rely on Find My again in the future, but appreciates its presence when needed. It’s a reminder that even the less glamorous features of iOS can be unexpected heroes. So be sure to explore the Find My feature and use it as your friend in case you lose or misplace an item.

– Find My: Apple Support Page

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