Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

This morning’s collection of the best iOS game and app deals is ready now, waiting to be shown without scrolling, courtesy of Apple’s digital storefront. Take advantage of the back-to-school sale on Pixelmator Pro and this special offer on Apple’s new M2 Max/Ultra Mac Studio. \ But for now it’s all about the app. Highlights include titles such as Wind Wings, The Great Photo App, The Almost Gone, and Darkest Dungeon. To see it all in detail, visit:

Best iOS apps and games on sale today:

iOS Universal: Scanner lens: free (usually $2)

iOS Universal: Go to Photos: free (usually $1)

iOS Universal: Great photo apps: free (usually $4)

iOS Universal: Kintsugi: free (usually $25)

iOS Universal: Medieval Rabbit Stickers: free (usually $1)

iOS Universal: Wings of Wind (Premium): free (usually $2)

iOS Universal: Articulation Arcade: $35 (usually $50)

iOS Universal: Mencal – mental arithmetic tricks: $0.50 (usually $2)

iOS Universal: Buck & Bull: 3 dollars (usually $5)

iOS Universal: What’s almost gone: 1 dollar (usually $4)

iOS Universal: Darkest Dungeon: Tablet Version: 3 dollars (usually $5)

The iOS games and apps sale continues:

iOS Universal: System activity monitor: free (usually $2)

iOS Universal: Orderly – simple to-do list: free (usually $2)

iOS Universal: ReeXpose – RAW Long Exposure: free (usually $5)

iOS Universal: Pepi Superstore: Mall Games: free (usually $4)

iOS Universal: 112 Operators: $5 (usually $10)

iOS Universal: Jorel’s younger brother: 2 dollars (usually $3)

iOS Universal: A tale of two foxes: 3 dollars (usually $5)

iOS Universal: LE01 | Bass 808 Synth + AUv3: 3 dollars (usually $4)

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Almost Gone Features:

Experience the intricate dioramas and connections of life and the ripples we all create in this award-winning narrative puzzle game.

Lonely and isolated, between life and death, you must uncover the painful truths that shaped your destiny.

Delve into beautifully rendered suburban prosaic lifestyle facades and interiors to discover contemporary stories crafted by award-winning authors.

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